HC Deb 25 May 1988 vol 134 c416

4.—(1) For the purpose of bringing the proceedings on the Bill to a conclusion at the time required by this Order, Mr. Speaker shall put forthwith the following Questions (but no others)—

  1. (a) any Question already proposed from the Chair;
  2. (b) any Question necessary to bring to a decision a Question so proposed (including, in the case of a new Clause or new Schedule which has been read a second time, the Question that the Clause or Schedule be added to the Bill);
  3. (c) the Question on any amendment or Motion standing on the Order Paper in the name of any Member, if that amendment is moved or Motion is made by a member of the Government;
  4. (d) any other Question necessary for the disposal of the business to be concluded; and on a Motion so made for a new Clause or a new Schedule Mr. Speaker shall put only the question that the Clause or Schedule be added to the Bill.

(2) Proceedings under sub-paragraph (1) above shall not he interrupted under any Standing Order relating to the sittings of the House.

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