HC Deb 28 June 1988 vol 136 c315

5.—(1) The Secretary of State shall make rules of procedure in relation to claims for compensation.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of sub-paragraph (1) above rules under this paragraph may in particular—

  1. (a) specify matters which may be dealt with or which must be dealt with—
    1. (i) by members of the Board's staff; or
    2. (ii) by a member or members of the Board;
  2. (b) make provision—
    1. (i) for the determination of a claim without a hearing;
    2. (ii) for the reconsideration without a hearing of a previous determination without a hearing; and
    3. (iii) for the extent to which a previous determination may be altered on such a reconsideration:
  3. (c) make provision as to circumstances in which a claim is to be or may be determined by a decision at a hearing on specified issues and as to the procedure for settling the issues which are to be considered;
  4. (d) make provision about the conduct of hearings and in particular about the calling of witnesses, the admissibility of, and weight to be given to, hearsay and opinion evidence and the order of proceedings;
  5. (e) make provision as to the confidentiality of information disclosed in connection with a claim; and
  6. (f) make such incidental or supplementary provision as appears to the Secretary of State to be appropriate.

(3) Rules under this paragraph may make different provision for different descriptions of cases.

(4) Rules under this paragraph shall be made by statutory instrument.

(5) A statutory instrument containing any such rules shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.