HC Deb 28 June 1988 vol 136 cc313-4

Amendments made: No. 103A, in page 118, line 21, at end insert— '11A. In section 19 (Compensation)—

  1. (a) in paragraph (b)(i) of subsection (1), the words "(and no conviction for any drug trafficking offence is substituted)" shall cease to have effect;
  2. (b) at the end of that subsection there shall be added the words "if, having regard to all the circumstances, it considers it appropriate to make such an order";
  3. 314
  4. (c) in subsection (2)—
    1. (i) the words "and that, but for that default, the proceedings would not have been instituted or continued,"; and
    2. (ii) in paragraph (b), the word "substantial", shall cease to have effect; and
  5. (d) the following subsection shall be inserted after that subsection—
(2A) The Court shall not order compensation to be paid in any case where it appears to the Court that the proceedings would have been instituted or continued even if the serious default had not occurred.".'.

No. 240, in line 21, at end insert— '11A. The following subsection shall be inserted after subsection (5) of section 24 (assisting another to retain the benefit of drug trafficking)— (5A) In this section 'constable' includes a police officer engaged on central service (as defined in section 43(5) of the Police Act 1964).".'.

No. 104, in line 54, leave out 'and which are retained there shall nevertheless' and insert 'shall'.

No. 105, in page 119, line 12, at end insert— '(3A) The power to make an Order in Council under this section includes power to modify this Act in such a way as to confer power on a person to exercise a discretion.'.— [Mr. John Patten.]

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