HC Deb 28 June 1988 vol 136 cc323-4

9. Section [Torture] (Torture)."'.

No. 273, in page 155, line 3, leave out sub-paragraph (3) and insert— '(3) the following subsection shall be substituted for subsection (2)— (2) An order that subsection (1) above shall not apply to reports—

  1. (a) of an application under section 6(1) above;
  2. (b) of a preparatory hearing;
  3. (c) of an appeal to the Court of Appeal under section 9(11) above; or
  4. (d) of an application for leave to appeal under that subsection may be made—
    1. (i) in a case falling within paragraph (a), (b) or (d) above, by the judge dealing with the matter; and
    2. (ii) in a case falling within paragraph (c) above, by the Court of Appeal.".'.

No. 237, in line 9, leave out from beginning to first 'the' in line 13.

No. 272, in line 15, at end insert— '93A. In section 13(1), for the words "operates only so as to make for Northern Ireland provision corresponding to" there shall be substituted the words "is made only for purposes corresponding to those of".'.

No. 64, in line 18, leave out 'In subsection (5) of'.

No. 65, in page 155, line 19, leave out '(restriciton on use of a statement required under that section)' and insert '(Powers of investigation in relation to serious or complex fraud) shall be amended as follows.

(2) In subsection (1) for the words from "attend" to the end there shall be substituted the words "answer questions or otherwise furnish information with respect to any matter relevant to the investigation at a specified place and either at a specified time or forthwith.".

(3) In subsection (2)—

  1. (a) for the words "a specified time and place" there shall be substituted the words "such place as may be specified in the notice and either forthwith or at such time as may be so specified,"; and
  2. (b) for the word "class" there shall be substituted the word "description".

(4) In subsection (5)'. — [Mr. John Patten.]

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