HC Deb 05 November 1986 vol 103 c959 3.45 pm
Mr. Speaker

I have a second statement to make.

The House's public business Standing Orders have grown over many years. As new Standing Orders have been added, their arrangement has become somewhat confusing. Therefore, the Clerk of the House has, with my authority, rearranged the Standing Orders into a more rational sequence. I am sure that this will be for the convenience of hon. Members.

The Procedure Committee has been informed of the intention to rearrange the Standing Orders and has raised no objections. I must emphasise that the substance and application of the Standing Orders remains completely unchanged. All the Standing Orders have been renumbered. The new numbers will be shown clearly in the new publication, with convenient conversion tables from the old numbers.

I should perhaps draw the attention of the House to one change. Standing Order No. 10 — "adjournment on specific and important matter that should have urgent consideration"—with which we are all familiar will in future be Standing Order No. 20. The rearranged Standing Orders will come into use on the first day of the new Session.