HC Deb 24 April 1986 vol 96 c548

10. In Part VI of Schedule 21 to the Town and Country Planning Act 1971 (provisions of Act applying to applications by local planning authorities with respect to listed buildings), at the appropriate place insert "Sections 242, 243, 245 and 246.".'.

No. 105, in page 124, line 12, at end insert—

'(3) Renumber paragraph 8 of that Schedule (appeal in default of decision) as sub-paragraph (1) of that paragraph and after it insert— (2) Sub-paragraph (1) of this paragraph applies to an application to the planning auhority for approval by the authority required by a condition imposed on the granting of listed building consent with respect to details of the works as it applies to an application for listed building consent, with the following modifications—

  1. (a) for references to the prescribed period substitute references to the period of two months from the date of the receipt of the application, and
  2. (b) omit paragraph (b) and the word 'or' preceeding it.".'.

No. 106, in page 126, line 21, leave out paragraph 7 and insert— '(7) Section 262A(8) of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1972 (application to buildings in conservation areas of provisions relating to listed buildings) is amended as follows—

  1. (a) for the words from "section 53" to "section 54C" substitute "section 53 to 54D":
  2. (b) for "section 92 to 95" substitute "section 92 to 96";
  3. (c) after "section 179" insert "sections 231, 233 and 23";
  4. (d) after "section 253(1)(b)" insert "section 257";
  5. (e) after "Schedule 17" insert "Part IV of Schedule 19".'.

No. 107, in page 127, line 9, at end insert—