HC Deb 29 October 1985 vol 84 cc866-7

Lords amendment: No. 2, in page 3, line 2, leave out "section" and insert "sections".

Mr. Ancram

I beg to move, That this House doth agree with the Lords in the said amendment.

Mr. Deputy Speaker

With this we shall discuss the following Lords amendments: No. 3, in page 3, line 31, at end insert— 5.—(1) Every traffic commissioner shall publish, in such form and at such times as may be prescribed, such information with respect to the exercise, or proposed exercise, of any of his functions under this Act or the Transport Act 1985 as may be prescribed. (2) Where the traffic commissioner for a traffic area publishes information under this section he shall—

  1. (a) send a copy of the publication—
    1. (i) to every chief officer of police, Passenger Transport Executive and local authority whose area falls partly or wholly within that traffic area; and
    2. (ii) where that traffic area falls wholly or partly within London, to London Regional Transport. And
  2. (b) make a copy of it available (by post if required and on payment of such fee as may be prescribed) to any one who asks for one.
3) In this section "local authority" means—
  1. (a) in England and Wales, the council of any non-metropolitan county, any district or London borough or the Common Council of the City of London; and
  2. (b) in Scotland, any regional or islands council.".

No. 11, in clause 6, page 7, line 5, leave out from first "to" to second "the".

No. 13, in clause 6, page 7, line 25, leave out subsection (9) and (10).

No. 20, in clause 7, page 9, line 33, leave out subsection (15).

No. 270, in clause 110, page 109, line 38, after "Act" insert— (b) traffic regulation conditions determined under section 7 of this Act;

No. 321, in schedule 2, page 127, line 27, leave out from "or" to end of line 30.

No. 378, in schedule 6, page 148, line 23, at end insert— (7A) In section 56(1) (records of licences etc.) there shall be added, at the end, the words "and shall allow the record to be inspected at all reasonable times by members of the public".

No. 409, in schedule 7, page 152, line 44, column 3, leave out "(1)" and insert "in subsection (1)"

No. 410, in schedule 7, page 152, line 45, column 3, at end insert "and subsection (2)"

Mr. Ancram

These amendments put the traffic commissioners' publication "Notice and Proceedings" on a statutory footing, and remove the separate and then redundant requirement for the Traffic Commissioners to send details of registrations to local authorities and the police. The amendment provides for the content of notices and proceedings to be specified in regulations. It will cover registrations, traffic regulation conditions and applications for operators' licences, among other things. It will be provided free to local authorities and the police, and will be a general sale. The group also includes amendments simplifying and codifying the requirement on the traffic commissioners to keep records of licences, traffic regulations and so on, and make them available to members of the public.

Question put and agreed to.

Lords amendment No. 3 agreed to.

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