HC Deb 29 October 1985 vol 84 c960

'— (1) A London borough council may provide and maintain, in connection with housing accommodation provided by them under Part II buildings or parts of buildings adapted for use for any commercial purpose. (2) A local housing authority in Greater London may make arrangements for the rehousing of any person by another such authority; and the arrangements may include provision for the payment of contributions by the former authority to the latter. (3) The council of an Inner London borough and the Common Council of the City of London may, for the purpose of facilitating the erection of houses in their district, suspend, alter or relax the provisions of any enactment or byelaw relating to the formation or laying out of new streets or the construction of sewers or of buildings intended for human habitation. (4) The powers conferred by subsections (1) and (3) are exercisable only with the consent of the Secretary of State.'. — [The Solicitor-General.]

Brought up, read the First and Second time, and added to the Bill.

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