HC Deb 28 October 1985 vol 84 c646

Ordered, That the Promoters of the Yorkshire Water Authority Bill shall have leave to suspend Proceedings thereon in order to proceed with the Bill, if they think fit, in the next Session of Parliament, provided that the Agents for the Bill give notice to the Clerks in the Private Bill Office not later than the day before the close of the present Session of their intention to suspend further Proceedings and that all fees due on the Bill up to that date be paid.

Ordered, That on the fifth day on which the House sits in the next Session the Bill shall be presented to the House.

Ordered, That there shall be deposited with the Bill a Declaration signed by the Agents for the Bill, stating that the Bill is the same, in every respect, as the Bill presented to this House in the present Session.

Ordered, That the Bill shall be laid upon the Table of the House by one of the Clerks in the Private Bill Office on the next meeting of the House after the day on which the Bill has been presented and, when so laid, shall be read the first and second time (and shall be recorded in the Journal of this House as having been so read) and shall be committed to the Chairman of Ways and Means, who shall make only such Amendments thereto as have been made by the Committee in the present Session, and shall report the Bill, as amended, to the House, forthwith, and the Bill, so amended, shall be ordered to be read the third time.

Ordered, That no further Fees shall be charged in respect of arty Proceedings on the Bill in respect of which Fees have already been incurred during the present Session.

Ordered, That these Orders be Standing Orders of the House— [The Second Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means.]

Message to the Lords to seek their concurrence thereto.