HC Deb 11 July 1985 vol 82 c1256
12. Mr. Dubs

asked the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland if he has any new proposals to defeat terrorism in Northern Ireland.

Mr. Hurd

Terrorism can be eradicated only by steadily applying firm security policies operating under the law. This needs the support of the whole law-abiding community in Northern Ireland and the co-operation of the police forces of the United Kingdom and the Irish Republic. The measures taken need to be flexible and constantly adapted to stay one step ahead of the terrorists.

Mr. Dubs

Why will the Secretary of State not accept that what would undermine the IRA in Northern Ireland and its political supporters more than anything else is a successful conclusion to the talks between London and Dublin and for the Republic to have a significant say in the affairs of Northern Ireland? That is the possibility that causes so much apprehension in the minds of the IRA, so why will the Minister not accept it?

Mr. Hurd

It is wholly naive to suppose that those who are killing their fellow citizens will be turned into decent citizens just because some agreement is reached between London and Dublin. There is everything to be said for an agreement, but the hon. Gentleman does the case no service by exaggerating it.