HC Deb 04 July 1985 vol 82 c600

Ordered, That—

  1. (1) Standing Order No. 19 (Consideration of estimates) shall have effect for this session with the substitution of four days for the provisions in paragraph (1) of the Standing Order;
  2. (2) On the third day allotted under that Standing Order, consideration of estimates may continue though opposed, until half-past Eleven o'clock, the estimates listed in items 1 and 2 of the Report of the Liaison Committee [27th June] shall be considered in that order, and paragraph (2)(c) of the Standing Order shall have effect with the substitution of half-past Eleven o'clock, or the hour at which debate on the estimates listed in item 2 of that Report shall have been concluded, whichever is the earlier, for the provisions in that paragraph;
  3. (3) On the fourth day so allotted, the estimates listed in item 3 of that Report shall be considered until not later than Seven o'clock.—[Mr. Durant.]