HC Deb 04 December 1985 vol 88 c311

Mr. John Home Robertson, supported by Mr. Roger Sims, Mr. Clement Freud, Mr. Dafydd Wigley, Mr. George Foulkes, Mrs. Anna McCurley, Dr. M. S. Miller, Mr. Laurie Pavitt, Mr. Colin Shepherd, Mr. Tony Lloyd, Mr. Frank Dobson and Mr. Jeremy Hanley, presented a Bill to amend the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 and the Children and Young Persons (Scotland) Act 1937 to make it an offence to sell any tobacco or tobacco product to persons under the age of sixteen; and for connected purposes: And the same was read the First time; and ordered to be read a Second time upon Friday 31 January and to be printed. [Bill 31.]