HC Deb 11 July 1984 vol 63 c1311

2. —(1) In their application by virtue of paragraph 1 above, section 175(1) of the Taxes Act (treatment of interest as a loss for purposes of carry-forward and carry-back) and section 39(1) of the Finance Act 1980 shall have effect as if for the references in those sections to Case I of Schedule D there were substituted references to Case VI of that Schedule.

(2) No relief shall be given to an individual under section 30 of the Finance Act 1978, as it applies by virtue of paragraph 1 above, in respect of a loss sustained in any year of assessment if any of the accommodation in respect of which the trade is carried on in that year was first let by him as furnished accommodation more than three years before the beginning of that year of assessment.

(3) Relief shall not be given for the same loss or the same portion of a loss both under any of the provisions mentioned in paragraph 1(2)(b) above, as they apply by virtue of this Schedule, and under any other provision of the Tax Acts.

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