HC Deb 16 January 1984 vol 52 c15
26. Ms. Harman

asked the Attorney-General what action he plans to take in the light of the report of the Lord Chancellor's legal aid advisory committee.

The Solicitor-General (Sir Patrick Mayhew)

The Lord Chancellor is considering the report, which was published on 14 December.

Ms. Harman

Will the Government act on the law centre proposals, in particular the suggestions that they should be funded by central Government, that they should be the responsibility of the Lord Chancellor and that there is an urgent need for ministerial direction on funding? Would that not help to change the situation which largely exists at present, where the ability to enforce one's legal rights depends on how much money one has?

Mr. Mayhew

The committee's recommendations on law centres and their future funding are being urgently considered by the Lord Chancellor. The hon. Lady well knows that at present arrangements for their funding are diverse and that more than one Ministry has a share in those arrangements. It is important that any revision should get it right. I know that there is impatience that this has taken so long, but my noble Friend is anxious to reach a conclusion as soon as possible.

List of current projects involving more than £10m. of United Kingdom Government aid overseas
£ million. Projects funded under the Aid and Trade Provision (ATP)
Bangladesh: Tea Rehabilitation 25.3
Bangladesh: Dhaka Power Distribution System 41.8
Bangladesh: Second Deep Tubewell Project 17.36
Brazil: Jacui Power Station 24.138 ATP
Egypt: Cairo Wastewater Project 50
Gibraltar: Dockyard Commercialisation 28
India: Coal Mining Equipment 11.02
India: Thal Fertiliser Project 46.75
India: Hazira Fertiliser Project 42.9
India: Rihand Super-Thermal Power Station 117 Partly ATP
and Associated Coal Mine at Amlori 30 Partly ATP
India: Agricultural Refinancing and Development Corporation IV (ARDCIV) 40
India: Local Cost Aid for Housing 14.75
India: Mysore Forestry Project 10.329
India: Fertiliser Education Project 13.1
India: Orissa Family Welfare Project 10.84
India: Karnataka Social Forestry Project 15.1
Indonesia: Mrica Hydro-Electricity Project 10.782 ATP