HC Deb 29 March 1983 vol 40 cc237-8

Amendments made: No. 67, in page 74, line 3 at end insert— '(2A) In relation to any land which, otherwise than in connection with a street on that land, is divided horizontally into different parcels, the references in this code to a place over or under the land shall have effect in relation to each parcel as not including references to any place in a different parcel.'.

No. 68, in page 75, line 14 at end insert— '(5A) It is hereby declared that a right falling within subparagraph (1) above is not subject to the provisions of any enactment requiring the registration of interests in, charges on or other obligations affecting land.'.

No. 69, in page 76 leave out line 3 and insert— 'person—

  1. (i) who is infeft proprietor of the land; or
  2. (ii) who has right to the land but whose title thereto is not complete; or
  3. (iii) in the case of land subject to a heritable security constituted by exfacie absolute disposition, who is the debtor in the security, except where the creditor is in possession of the land,
other than a person having a right as a superior only.'.

No. 70, in page 79 leave out lines 44 to 49 and insert— '(4) The rights conferred by this paragraph shall not be exercisable on any land comprised in the route of a special road (within the meaning of the Highways Act 1980, the Special Roads Act 1949 or the Roads (Northern Ireland) Order 1980).'.

No. 73, in page 85, line 35 at end insert `or any other authority which discharges functions of that authority in relation to that sewer and is authorised by the authority in which the sewer is vested to act on its behalf for the purposes of this paragraph.'.

No. 107, in page 90, line 5 after 'under', insert 'the preceding provisions of'.

No. 108, in page 90, line 6 leave out from second 'with' to 'order' in line 7 and insert 'an'.

No. 109, in page 90, line 9, leave out 'gave the notice or, as the case may be,'.

No. 110, in page 91, line 45, leave out from 'directs' to 'shall' in line 47 and insert `on an application under the preceding provisions of this paragraph, any expenses incurred by the operator in or in connection with the making of any alteration in compliance with an order under this paragraph'.

No. 111, in page 91, leave out line 49 and insert 'applied for the order'.

No. 74, in page 96, line 11, leave out from beginning to 'authorise' in line 12 and insert— `25.—(1) Except in so far as provision is otherwise made by virtue of section 87(2) of or Schedule 4 to this Act, this code shall not'.

No. 75, in page 96, line 32, after 'given', insert '(or deemed to have been given)'.

No. 76, in page 96, line 41, after 'gave', insert `(or is deemed to have given)'.—[Mr. David Hunt.]

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