HC Deb 28 July 1983 vol 46 c1320
10. Mr. Adley

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will make a statement on his discussions with the British Tourist Authority about promoting the "Food from Britain" campaign.

Mr. Jopling

I have had no discussions with the British Tourist Authority, but the chairman of "Food from Britain," whose organisation is responsible for the better marketing of our agricultural and food products, is discussing with the British Tourist Authority ways in which the two organisations can work together to improve the quality and presentation of British foodstuffs.

Mr. Adley

Does my hon. Friend not think that added impetus would be given to those talks if he or one of his ministerial colleagues were to arrange to see the BTA? How close is the co-operation? For example,is the BTA to produce a marketing plan for "Food from Britain"? Is someone from the BTA to be put solely in charge or the plan? Is the Ministry in any way funding the BTA to carry out that work efficiently?

Mr. Jopling

At present I do not see the need to have talks with the BTA, but I should not hesitate to meet its representatives if I thought that would be helpful or was necessary. "Food from Britain" has been given a clear statutory duty to develop and improve the marketing of British agricultural and food produce. Both it and the BTA recognise that they have mutual areas of interest and can usefully collaborate. I am sure that that is best taken forward by the organisations themselves. We have provided substantial funds for "Food from Britain".I am sure that those involved are of a mind to allocate some of them for that purpose, and I am confident of a successful outcome to the discussions.

Mr. Rogers

Does the Minister not agree that it is quite remarkable that— [HoN.MEMBERS:"Reading".] I am not reading. Does the right hon. Gentleman not agree that it is remarkable that while all his Back Bench colleagues are asking for support help and for protection from imports, the rest of his Cabinet colleagues are conducting a campaign to increase imports of foreign coal? Should not the "Food from Britain" campaign become the "Fuel from Britain" campaign?

Mr. Speaker

Order. The hon. Gentleman is going slightly wide of the question.

Mr. MacGregor

I am not sure how "Food from Britain" or the British Tourist Authority can help with the problem of coal, but if during the holidays I can think of a useful way in which either might I shall see what I can do.