HC Deb 26 July 1983 vol 46 cc1028-34
4. Mr. Rowe

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services how much support his Department gives to help voluntary organisations.

The Under-Secretary of State for Health and Social Security (Mr. Tony Newton)

In 1982–83 the Department gave grants totalling over £15 million to voluntary organisations through 10 different schemes. I am circulating details in the Official Report. Mr. Rowe: Does my hon. Friend agree that one of the major values of the voluntary sector is to act as a critic of the monopoly public sector? Will he assure the House that in the allocation of grants critical voluntary organisations do not suffer?

Mr. Newton

I can give my hon. Friend the assurance that he seeks. We welcome constructive criticism as one of the great merits of the voluntary sector in a democratic society, even if it is sometimes uncomfortable for Ministers, of whatever party.

Mr. Alfred Morris

Is the Minister aware that because of the Government's doubling of VAT last year the Spastics Society paid £428,000 in non-recoverable VAT? Is he further aware that, between them, six national charities for the disabled paid over £1 million in VAT? Why do the Government mug the good samaritans in that way? Will the Minister now stand up for the charities and tell the Chancellor to take his hand out of their tills?

Mr. Newton

The right hon. Gentleman knows very well that those matters have been the subject of extensive consultation and discussion with my right hon. Friend the Chancellor of the Exchequer. I think that he also knows some of the difficulties. He is well aware that the Government, including my right hon. Friend the Chancellor, have taken many steps to assist charities in the past few years.

Following are the details:

Grants to Voluntary Bodies under S64 of the Health Services and Public Health Act 1968—General Scheme (Subhead K2(1))
Action for Dysphasic Adults 7,500
Action on Smoking and Health 115,000
Advocacy Alliance 10,000
Age Concern 228,000
Alcohol Education Centre 68,000
Alcoholic Hostels 166,331
Alcoholic Recovery Project 61,750
Alcoholism Community Centres for Education Prevention and Treatment 35,400
Alzheimer's Disease Society 23,000
Anthony Nolan Fund 6,000
Apex Trust 7,000
Association Aide a Toute Detresse 5,200
Association for all Speech Impaired Children 8,000
Association for Independent Disabled Self Sufficiency 1,000
Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus 32,500
Association of Breast feeding Mothers 1,850
Association of Carers 8,000
Association of Residential Communities 12,000
Association of Professions for the Mentally Handicapped 6,000
Asthma Society 2,000

Grants to Voluntary Bodies under S64 of the Health Services and Public Health Act 1968—General Scheme (Subhead K2(1))
Baby Life Support Systems 532
Back Pain Association 12,750
Bexley Moorings 10,500
Birmingham Settlement 9,000
Blenheim Street Agency 7,600
Breakthrough Trust 29,500
British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering 243,000
British Association for Service to the Elderly 2,000
British Association of the Hard of Hearing 17,333
British Association of Immediate Care 25,000
British Deaf Association 21,000
British Diabetic Association 1,500
British Epilepsy Association 22,000
British Institute of Mental Handicap 24,500
British Red Cross 4,570
British Retinitis Pigmentosa Society 5,000
Broadcasting Support Services 3,000
Brook Advisory Centres 22,500
Calibre 8,000
Campaign for Single Homeless People 24,000
Campaign for the Mentally Handicapped 14,000
Care 15,000
Catholic Marriage Advisory Council 23,000
Centre for Ethnic Minorities Health Studies 5,825
Centre for Policy on Ageing 90,296
Centre on Environment for the Handicapped 28,500
Chest Heart and Stroke Association 5,000
Child Accident Prevention Trust 42,585
Child Poverty Action Group 15,000
Children's Legal Centre 9,500
Church of England Children's Society 116,000
City Roads Crisis Intervention 92,804
Clock Tower Association 4,750
Coeliac Society 7,500
Combat Huntington's Chorea 15,000
Community Drugs Project 5,300
Community Service Volunteers 36,250
Contact 20,000
Contact a Family 10,000
Cope 85,300
Coronary Prevention Group 3,000
Council for the Advancement of Communication. with Deaf People 10,000
Cranstoun Hostel 3,770
Crossroads Care Attendant Schemes Ltd. 58,000
Cruse 80,000
Cyrenians 54,750
Dial UK 12,500
Disabled Drivers Association 4,000
Disabled Drivers Motor Club 3,500
Disabled Living Foundation 210,039
Disablement Income Group 20,800
Dorney Parish Eton College Project 14,000
Downs Children's Association 6,000
Dr. Barnardo's 147,673
Elizabeth Fitzroy Trust 15,000
Elizabeth House Association 10,500
Employment Fellowship 21,000
Extend 10,000
Family Forum 16,915
Family Holiday Association 2,500
Family Planning Association 99,600
Family Rights Group 17,250
Family Service Units 168,000
Family Tree 8,900
Family Welfare Association 104,930
Federation of Alcoholic Rehabilitation Establishments 79,580
Fire Precautions (in voluntary residential homes) 134,389
Fluoridation Society 15,000
Grants to Voluntary Bodies under S64 of the Health Services and Public Health Act 196—General Scheme (Subhead K2(1))
Gingerbread 48,000
Hampshire Association for the Care and Resettlement
of Offenders 20,000
Hampshire Council on Alcoholism 3,000
Handcrafts Advisory Association for the Disabled 8,800
Handicapped Adventure Playground Association 1,625
Headway Association 5,000
Helen Ley Charitable Trust 5,000
Hertfordshire Standing Conference on Drug Abuse 1.700
Holiday Care Service 5.000
Home Base 7,500
Home Farm Trust 15,000
Home Start Consultancy 19,000
Hungerford Day Centre for Drug Addicts 12,700
Independent Adoption Society 4,000
Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence 143,000
International Hospital Federation 30,000
International Social Service 30,000
International Voluntary Service 18,000
Invalid Children's Aid Association 20,000
Invalids At Home Trust 2,400
Jewish Blind Society 20,000
Joint Committee on Mobility for the Disabled 1,300
Kent Council on Alcoholism 1,100
L'Arche Ltd. 20,000
La Leche League of Great Britain 1,750
Leicester Council for Voluntary Service 15,450
Leonard Cheshire Foundation 12,000
Liverpool Alcoholism Services 26,609
London Voluntary Service Council 12,000
Mastectomy Association 6,000
Maternity Alliance 23,200
Medical Commission on Accident Prevention 13,600
Medical Council on Alcoholism 70,300
Mencap 230,750
Mental After Care Association 45,000
Mental Health Film Council 4,000
Migraine Trust 5,000
National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society 3,000
National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders 169,000
National Association for the Childless 13,000
National Association for the Deaf/Blind, Rubella Handicapped 27,000
National Association for Maternal and Child Welfare 5,000
National Association for Mental Health 325,000
National Association for Patient Participation in General Practice 1,000
National Association for the Welfare of Children in Hospital 50,000
National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends 10,000
National Association of Victims Support Schemes 8,150
National Association of Voluntary Hostels 4,500
National Association of Youth Clubs 21,900
National Childbirth Trust 15,000
National Childminding Association 38,500
National Children's Bureau 135,208
National Children's Home 1,875
National Council for One Parent Families 117,500
National Council for Carers and their Elderly Dependents 200
National Council of Voluntary Child Care Organisations 31,285
National Council for Voluntary Organisations 20,000
National Council on Alcoholism 241,1300
National Eczema Society 7,500
National Elfrida Rathbone Society 12,000
National Federation of Kidney Patients 3,(XX)
National Federation of the Blind of the United Kingdom 4,000
Grants to Voluntary Bodies under S64 of the Health Services and Public Health Act 1968—General Scheme (Subhead K2(1))
National Foster Care Association 69,453
National Library for the Blind 10,000
National Listening Library 15,000
National Marriage Guidance Council 20,000
National Out of School Alliance 27,000
National Playbus Association 19,625
National Schizophrenia Fellowship 71,000
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Children 193,000
National Tape Magazine for the Blind 500
National Youth Bureau 56,800
Norfolk Childrens Projects 40,000
Northern Regional Association for the Blind 50,015
Nottingham Council for Voluntary Services 23,800
Opus 5,500
Outset 9,000
Organisation for Sickle Cell Research 8,000
Overseas Doctors Association 7,000
Parent to Parent Information on Adoption Services 4,500
Parents for Children 46,000
Partially Sighted Society 11,000
Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied 22,500
Plymouth Night Shelter 17,770
Possum Users Association 7,750
Pre-School Playgroups Association 350,000
Rainer Foundation 57,375
Rape Counselling and Research Project 20,000
Richmond Fellowship 95,000
Rother Help Centre 12,500
Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation 230,000
Royal National Institute for the Blind 235,000
Royal National Institute for the Deaf 53,500
Royal School for the Blind 14,000
Salford/Greater Manchester Council on Alcoholism 4,000
Samaritans 100,000
Save the Children Fund 164,900
Sexual and Personal Relationships of the Disabled 31,200
Shape 10,000
Sheffield Family Service Units 8,750
Sickle Cell Society 8,000
Social Work Training Grants 98,542
Society of St. Dismas 4,480
Society of Voluntary Associates 9,750
Southern and Western Regional Association for the Blind 62,624
Spastics Society 86,000
Spinal Injuries Association 15,000
Standing Conference on Drug Abuse 60,000
St. Albans Diocesan Council for Social Responsibility 17,575
St. Katharine Housing Trust 3,000
St. John Ambulance 44,500
Study Centre on the Family 23,000
Stonham Housing Association 17,100
Sue Ryder Foundation 8,000
Talking Newspapers Association of the United Kingdom 750
The Patients Association 5,000
Toy Libraries Association 62,000
Turning Point 95,800
Venture 12 Project 20,000
Voluntary Council for Handicapped Children 30,000
Voluntary Organisations Liaison Committee for Under Fives 5,000
Volunteer Centre 51,270
Wessex Rehabilitation Association 20,000
Westminister Pastoral Foundation 60,000
Widows Advisory Trust 10,000
Winged Fellowship Trust 12,000
Womens Aid Federation (England) 100,000
Womens Health Concern 3,250
Womens National Cancer Control Campaign 81,200
Grants to Voluntary Bodies under S64 of the Health S Public Health Act 1968—General Scheme (Subhead K2(1))
World Assembly on Ageing Awards 5,500
£ for £ Scheme 45,650
Grants paid to registered voluntary children's homes (subhead H1(1)(a))
Adullam House Trust 2,100
Fellowship of St. Nicholas 1,600
Turner's Court 60,000
Grants paid to assisted community homes (subhead H1(1)(b))
Birmingham Diocesan Rescue Society 1,965
Catholic Child Welfare Society 201,816
Catholic Children's Rescue Society 39,725
Dr. Barnardo's 33,000
Grants for social work training (subhead H5)
National Institute for Social Work 203,000
National Children's Home 32,650
VORTEX 9,129
Volunteer Centre 2,500
Total 247,279
Grants to voluntary organisations under Schedule 5 of the Supplementary Benefits Act 1976 (as amended) (Subhead B(3)552)
Voluntary Organisation 1982–83
1. Aberdeen Cyrenians 4,100
2. Birmingham Committee for Night Shelter 6,400
3. Birmingham, St. Anne's 5,300
4. Birmingham, St. Basil's 6,300
5. Brighton, YMCA 4,600
6. Cambridge Cyrenians 1,200
7. Cardiff Cyrenians 3,500
8. Coventry Cyrenians 4,600
9. Edinburgh, People's Palace 5,800
10. Exeter Shilhay 4,600
11. Glasgow, Kirkhaven 3,000
12. Guildford Cyrenians 2,300
13. Leeds Cyrenians 1,200
14. Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Crypt 3,500
15. London, Bondway 12,700
16. London, Centrepoint 8,100
17. London, Theatre Girls' Club 8,100
18. Lowestoft Night Shelter 3,500
19. Manchester Night Shelter 8,100
20. Norwich Night Shelter 5,800
21. Nottingham, Help the Homeless 3,800
22. Oxford Cyrenians 6,900
23. Plymouth Night Shelter 3,500
24. Portsmouth, Harbour Community 1,600
25. Portsmouth, St. Petroc's Community Trust 4,100
26. Preston, Homeless in 3,500
27. Sheffield, Joint Standing Committee 5,800
28. Stockton Churches Mission to the Single Homeless 4,600
29. Stoke Potteries Housing Association 4,100
30. Swansea, SASH 4,100
31. Swindon Cyrenians 3,000
32. Taunton Association for the Homeless 4,600
33. Tyneside Cyrenians 4,600
34. Wolverhampton Overnight Shelter Group 5,000
35. Worcester, St. Paul's 3,500

B. Camberwell Replacement Scheme—Topping-up (Revenue) Grants

(i) Projects approved in 1981–82*

Project Revenue
North Lambeth Day Centre, 2 Walcorde Avenue, SE17 5,431
Single Homeless Project, 18 Palmerston Road, E17 2,551
Bondway Shelter, 39 Knatchbull Road, SE5 9,748
Bondway Shelter, 50 Balham Park Road, SW12 10,008
Circle Trust Club, 36 Chadwick Road, SE15 6,023
Circle Trust Club, 314 Coldharbour Lane, SW9 7,034
Single Homeless Project, 43–44 The Park, W5 8,644
Single Homeless Project, 93–95 Kings Cross Read, WC1 15,803

(ii) Projects approved in 1982–83*

Project Revenue
Circle Trust, 68 Elliott Row, SE11 5,430
Single Homeless Project, 321–323 Katherine Road, E7 7,468
Patchwork Community, 7–8 Micawber Street, N1 1,945
Peter Bedford Trust, 43 Tollington Road, N7 5,932
Peter Bedford Trust, 114 Forest Road, E5 1,225
St. Mungo's Community HA, 25 Claremont Road, W9 3,006
St. Mungo's, 64–66 Argyle Street, WC1 15,047
Single Homeless Project, 47 Knox Road, E7 5,031
North Lambeth Day Centre, 31 Helix Road, SW2 4,782
North Lambeth Day Centre, 11 Paulet Road, SE5 5,579
Single Homeless Project, 7 Lucien Road, SW17 4,906
Single Homeless Project, 124 Beechcroft Road, SW17 4,906
St. Giles Centre, 21 Northlands Street, SE5 5,393
Carr-Gomm Society, 166 East Hill, SE18 706
* These anual grants are payable from the opening date of the project. Most projects will not open until later in 1983–84. Amount of grant actually paid in 1982–83 £3,514 (in respect of Circle Trust Club, 36 Chadwick Road).
Grant to the Kings Fund Centre year ending 31 December 1982 (subhead K2(2)) 287,000
Intermediate treatment Fund: grant in aid (subhead K5) 297,000
Opportunities for volunteering scheme (Subhead K9)
Age Concern 450,100
British Association of Settlements and Social Action Centres 145,100
British Council of Churches 215,800
Church of England Children's Society 52,800
Community Service Volunteers 74,300
Consortium on Opportunities for Volunteering General Fund 896,800
Dr. Barnardo's 55,000
Mencap 70,700
National Association for Mental Health 107,520
National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders 134,950
National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends 38,450
Pre-School Playgroups Association 52,000
Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation 161,700
Royal National Institute for the Blind 56,300
Spastics Society 27,500
The Panel of Four 53,500
Volunteer Centre 7,479

The Department also provided £3,818,000 for the year ending 31 December 1982 to help families with very severely disabled children (subhead K3). This is disbursed through the Family Fund, which is administered by the Joseph Rowntree Memorial Trust.