HC Deb 21 October 1982 vol 29 c634


Amendments made:No. 13, in page 83, line 5, after '1974', insert

'which repealed and re-enacted provisions of the Insurance Companies Amendment Act 1973'.

No. 14, in page 83, after paragraph 19, insert—

'—Until the coming into force of paragraph (g) of subsection (2) of section 46 of the Administration of Justice Act 1982, the reference in section 9(7) of this Act to section 38(7) of that Act shall be construed as a reference to section 7 of the Administration of Justice Act 1965.

.—In relation to offences under this Act committed in England and Wales before the coining into force of section 38 of the Criminal Justice Act 1982 or in Scotland before the coming into force of section 53 of that Act the reference in each of the following provisions of this Act, namely—

  1. (a)section 71(3).
  2. (b)section 81(2) and
  3. (c)section 88(2)
to level 5 on the standard scale shall have effect as a reference to £400.'.—[The Solicitor-General]

Schedule 4, as amended, agreed to.

Schedules 5 and 6 agreed to.