HC Deb 16 November 1982 vol 32 c136
6. Mr. Warren

asked the Secretary of State for Defence if he will arrange for the regular publication of data on the accuracy of public weather forecasts and state the latest data on their accuracy which are available.

Mr. Wiggin

No, the accuracy of public weather forecasts, which has been maintained at 86 per cent. nationally since my hon. Friend asked a similar question in July 1981, is very high, and any significant trend needs to be judged over a period of years.

Mr. Warren

While I do not doubt my hon. Friend, I find his reply extremely surprising, and my surprise is widely shared. Will my hon. Friend explain, chapter and verse and more lucidly, about the weather forecast accuracy of 86 per cent., and say what it is based on? Can weather forecasters be a little more accurate in the presentation of their information, as their forecasts are supposed to be accurate?

Mr. Wiggin

One of my predecessors wrote to my hon. Friend as long ago as 1977 explaining the procedures for evaluating weather forecasts. I am afraid, Mr. Speaker, that you would not allow me to do so in detail, but I am satisfied that as much care is given to this as is possible within the resources available.