HC Deb 24 June 1982 vol 26 cc495-6

4A.—(1) In subsection (3) of section 33 of the General Rate Act 1967 (British Gas Corporation) for the words from "the Corporation", in the first place where they occur, to the end of paragraph (c) there shall be substituted the following paragraphs—

  1. "(a) the Corporation—
    1. (i)supplied gas to consumers in that area; or
    2. (ii)manufactured gas in that area; or
    3. (iii)produced gas in that area by the application to gas purchased by them of any process not consisting only of purification, or of blending with other gases, or of both purification and such blending; or
  2. (b) private suppliers (within the meaning of section 33A of this Act) supplied to consumers in that area gas which had been conveyed (whether within or outside that area) by pipe-lines belonging to the Corporation.".

(2) In subsection (7) of that section for the words "includes gas in a liquid state" there shall be substituted the words "has the same meaning as in Part I of the Gas Act 1972".

4B. After that section there shall be inserted the following section—