HC Deb 10 June 1982 vol 25 c409

Mr. Ernie Ross, supported by Mr. William McKelvey, Miss Joan Maynard, Miss Jo Richardson, Mr. R. McTaggart, Mr. Norman Atkinson, Mr. Tony Benn, Mr. Martin Flannery, Mr. Robert Litherland, Mr. Reg Race, Mr. Stan Thorne and Mr. Dennis Skinner, presented a Bill to introduce an amnesty for those who in the discharge of their democratic responsibilities as citizens have suffered punishment in the courts and the imposition of fines under legislation introduced since May 1979 for offences in connection with the work of elected councillors, trade unions and members of trade unions and for the repayment of moneys paid in such fines where the offence committed was not an offence prior to that date: And the same was read the First time; and ordered to be read a Second time upon Friday 9 July and to be printed. [Bill 139].