HC Deb 28 July 1982 vol 28 cc1151-5

Amendments made: No. 92, in page 110, line 26, after 'objection', insert 'or representation'.

No. 181, in page 114, line 41, leave out '(6)' and insert '(5)'.

No. 182, in page 114, line 47, at end insert 'below'.

No. 93, in page 116, line 20, leave out from 'decision' to end of line 24.

No. 94, in page 116, line 34, leave out sub-paragraphs (4) to (7).

No. 95, in page 118, line 6, at end insert `or, if determined in favour of the applicant, the time when the licence is renewed.'

No. 183, in page 119, line, 3 at end insert 'the'.

No. 96, in page 119, line 17, leave out from 'decision' to end of line 41.

No. 176, in page 119, line 43, after 'obtaining', insert `such'.

No. 184, in page 120, line 16, leave out '16' and insert '18'.

No. 97, in page 120, line 30, at end insert—: `(6A) A district or islands council shall, within 7 days of their decision under sub-paragraph (2) above, send written notice of their decision to the holder of the licence, the chief constable and the fire authority.'.

No. 98, in page 121, line 13, leave out from 'authority' to end of line 36.

No. 99, in page 122, line 8, at end insert: `(4) Where a licence has been surrendered under this paragraph on its revocation under paragraph 13 or 19(5)(a) of this Schedule and the revocation is quashed or recalled, the district or islands council shall re-issue the licence.'.

No. 100, in page 123, line 39, leave out 'wilfully'.

No. 177, in page 124, line 4, leave out from `exceeding' to end of line 6 and insert '£1,000'.

No. 101, in page 124, line 11, leave out `that is to say an order'.

No. 102, in page 124, line 15, at end insert—

  1. '(5A) A person may appeal against an order under subparagraph (5) above in the same manner as against sentence and the court which made the order may, pending the appeal, suspend the effect of the order.
  2. (5B) A person may, at any time after the expiry of the first year of his disqualification under subsection (5) above, apply to the court which ordered the disqualification to remove it, and, on such application, the court may by order remove the disqualification as from such date as may be specified in the order or refuse the application, and, in either case, may order the applicant to pay the whole or any part of the expenses of such application.'.

No. 185, in page 124, line 17, leave out '21 or 22' and insert '20 or 21'.

No. 103, in page 125, line 39, at end insert—

  1. 'Sending of notice by post 1,724 words