HC Deb 12 July 1982 vol 27 cc817-8

Amendments made: No. 21, in page 159, line 6, leave out from first 'which' to 'is'.

No. 22, in page 159, line 28, after '(4)', insert 'or sub-paragraph (5)'.

No. 23, in page 159, line 30, after 'which', insert 'becomes due on or after 1st April 1983 and'.

No. 24, in page 159, line 48, leave out from 'authority' to end of line 4 on page 160 and insert— '(5) If an application in that behalf is made to the Board by a qualifying lender, sub-paragraph (2) above applies to interest which becomes due on or after such date as may be specified by the Board for the purposes of that sub-paragraph (instead of 6th April 1983). (6) The Board shall not under sub-paragraph (5) above specify a date earlier than 1st April 1983 or later than 5th April 1983 and the Board shall notify the qualifying lender concerned of the date specified under that sub-paragraph.'.

No. 25, in page 160, line 4, at end insert— '(4A) Sub-paragraph (2) above does not apply to interest payable on a loan the only security for which is a contract of insurance on human life or a contract to pay an annuity on human life.'

No. 26, in page 160, line 9, leave out 'or sub-paragraph (3)(b)'.

No. 27, in page 160, line 13, leave out from '"used"' to end of line 14 and insert ', where it first occurs, there were inserted the words "wholly or to a substantial extent";

No. 28, in page 160, line 17, leave out from beginning to 'in'.

No. 29, in page 160, line 22, leave out '"either"' and insert '"used" (where it first occurs)'.

No. 30, in page 160, leave out line 26 and insert 'relates— (a) is at the time the interest is paid used wholly or partly"; and paragraph (b) and the word "or" immediately preceding it were omitted; and'.

No. 31, in page 161, line 15, after 'authority', insert 'or the Northern Ireland Housing Executive'.

No. 32, in page 161, line 16, leave out from beginning to 'the' in line 17.

No. 33, in page 161, line 20, after 'lender', insert 'and which were made after such date as he may specify in the notice'.

No. 34, in page 161, line 20, at end insert— '(1A) A qualifying lender may not specify a date in a notice under sub-paragraph (1) above which is earlier than the earliest date on which paragraph 2 above applies to interest on any loan (whether or not a home improvement loan) made by him.'.

No. 35, in page 161, line 40, leave out from 'have' to 'brought' in line 41 and insert 'limited loans of a description which includes that limited loan'.

No. 36, in page 162, line 34, leave out from 'that' to second 'the'.

No. 37, in page 163, line 6, leave out from 'is' to end and insert 'a date specified in the notice as being the relevant date (which may be earlier than the date so specified as the date from which the interest may be paid under deduction of tax).'.

No. 38, in page 163, line 10, after '(4)' insert 'or sub-paragraph (5)'.

No. 39, in page 163, line 11, leave out 'any reference in sub-paragraph (1)' and insert 'the reference in sub-paragraph (1)(d)'.

No. 40, in page 163, line 12, at end insert— '(5) In the case of relevant loan interest—

  1. (a) which fall within sub-paragraph (2) of paragraph 2 above, and
  2. (b) to which sub-paragraph (5) of that paragrph applies,
for the reference in sub-paragraph (1)(d) above to 1st April 1983 there shall be substituted a reference to the date specified by the Board and notified under sub-paragraph (6) of paragraph 2 to the qualifying lender to whom the interest is payable.'.

No. 41, in page 164, line 10, after 'interest', insert `or that a qualifying borrower has or may have ceased to be a qualifying borrower'.

No. 42, in page 164, line 12, at end add `or, as the case may be, that the borrower has or may have ceased to be a qualifying borrower.'.

No. 43, in page 164, leave out lines 22 to 26 and insert—

  1. (b) the relevant date specified in the notice is earlier than the date from which the interest begins to be paid under deduction of tax, and
  2. (c) a payment of that interest was made on or after the relevant date but not under deduction of tax'.

No. 44, in page 164, line 29, leave out from 'if' to end of line 30 and insert 'it had been made after the relevant date.'.

No. 45, in page 165, line 23, at end add— '( ) the Bank of England ( ) the Post Office;'.

No. 46, in page 165, line 30, after 'registered', insert 'friendly'.

No 173, in page 165, leave out lines 37 and 38.

No. 47, in page 166, line 4, at end add `or of a company within paragraph (c) above'.

No. 48, in page 166, line 6, after 'Schedule', insert 'generally or in relation to any specified description of loan'.

No. 49, in page 166, line 9, after 'sub-paragraph', insert 'generally or, as the case may be, in relation to such description of loan as is specified in the order'.—[Mr. Brittan.]

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