HC Deb 30 April 1982 vol 22 cc1121-2

Amendment made: No. 20, in page 7, line 19, at end insert— '(3) On the coming into force of section 12(11) of the Fire Precautions Act 1971 (regulations relating to fire precautions to be made under that Act), the following provisions of this Act shall cease to have effect, namely—

  1. (a) in section 3—
    1. (i) in subsection (1), paragraph (b);
    2. (ii) in subsection (1A) the words "the fire authority and";
    3. (iii) in subsection (1B) the words "by the fire authority or";
  2. (b) in section 4, in subsection (2), the words " a fire authority and" and the words "that authority and";
  3. (c) in section 5—
    1. (i) in subsections (1) and (5) the words "or the lire authority";
    2. (ii)Subsection (1)(aa) and (2);
    3. (iii) in subsection (7) the definition of "fire authority" and, in the definition of "relevant provisions", in paragraph (a) the words "or (2)(a)", paragraph (b) and in paragraph (c) the words "or (2)(b)";
  4. (d) in section 6, subsection (1)(bb) and, in subsection (2)(b), the words from "or" to "exempted exhibition"; and
  5. (e) in section 8, the definition of "exempted exhibition".'. —[Mr. Peter Lloyd.]

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