HC Deb 16 March 1981 vol 1 cc143-4

Motion made, and Question, That— (1) For paragraph (b) of section 52(1) of the Finance Act 1972 (charge of car tax on vehicles made or registered in the United Kingdom by person not registered under Schedule 7 to that Act or under the corresponding provisions in force in the Isle of Man) there shall be substituted— (b) made or registered in, or imported into, the United Kingdom by any other person except a person registered under Schedule 7 to the Value Added Tax and Other Taxes Act 1973 (an Act of Tynwald). (2) In paragraph 3 of Schedule 7 to that Act (persons by whom car tax is payable) after paragraph (a) there shall be inserted the words "and (aa) if the vehicle is imported by a person not registered under this Schedule as if it were a duty of excise chargeable on importation; and". (3) The provisions of paragraph 3 of the said Schedule 7 as amended by paragraph (2) above shall become sub-paragraph (1) and after that sub-paragraph there shall be inserted— (2) Subject to sub-paragraph (3) below, the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979 and, except where the contrary intention appears, any other enactments (including provisions of regulations or other instruments having statutory effect) relating generally to excise duties on imported goods, whether passed or made before or after the passing of this Act, shall have effect, with such exceptions and adaptations as the Commissioners may by regulations prescribe, as if chargeable vehicles in respect of which tax is payable in accordance with sub-paragraph (1)(aa) above were liable to a duty of excise on importation and as if the tax were that duty. (3) The following enactments shall be excepted from those which are to have effect as mentioned in sub-paragraph (2) above

  1. (a) sections 43(5), 1.25, 126, and 127(1)(b) of the said Act of 1979;
  2. (b) the Customs and Excise Duties (General Reliefs) Act 1979; and
  3. (c) sections 8 and 9 of the Isle of Man Act 1979.".
(4) Paragraph 7 of the said Schedule 7 shall be amended as follows—
  1. (a) there shall be omitted in sub-paragraph (a) the words "and was not registered before it was exported" and in sub-paragraph (b) the words "and is not registered"— and
  2. (b) after the words "repay it" there shall be inserted the words "subject, in the case of a vehicle registered before exportation, to such conditions as they think fit".
(5) The above provisions shall come into force on 1st April 1981. And it is hereby declared that it is expedient in the public interest that this Resolution should have statutory effect under the provisions of the Provisional Collection of Taxes Act 1968.—[Sir Geoffrey Howe.]

put forthwith pursuant to Standing Order No. 94 (Ways and Means motions), and agreed to.