HC Deb 13 July 1981 vol 8 c845

As amended (in the Standing Committee), considered.

6.50 pm
Mr. Andrew F. Bennett (Stockport, North)

On a point of order, Mr. Deputy Speaker. I appreciate that Mr. Speaker had a difficult task in drawing up his selection of amendments, and I do not want to question that in any way, but I am concerned that amendments Nos. 243, 269, 270 and 272, all of which deal with airguns, their misuse and the amount of harm and injury that they inflict on wild animals, have not been selected. I wonder whether there is any possibility of the matter being reconsidered so that we can debate that issue. I realise that the matter was considered fully in Committee, but I am sure that you appreciate that there is strong feeling in the country about the misuse of air weapons. If it is not possible to debate the matter tonight, I hope that the Government will bring forward legislation soon to make regulations to stop not only the misuse of such air weapons against animals, but their many other misuses.

Mr. Deputy Speaker (Mr. Bryant Godman Irvine)

All those matters have been carefully considered by Mr. Speaker, and there is no possibility of questioning his selection.

Ordered, That the Wildlife and Countryside Bill, as amended, be considered in the following order, namely, new Clauses relating to Part I; Amendments relating to Clauses 1 to 8; Schedules 1 to 4; Clauses 9 and 10; Schedule 5; Clause 11; Schedule 6; Clause 12; Schedule 7; Clause 13; Schedule 8; Clause 14; Schedule 9; Clause 15; Schedule 10; Clauses 16 to 27; new Schedules relating to Part I; new Clauses relating to Part II; Amendments relating to Clauses 28 to 32 Schedule 11; Clauses 33 to 44; Schedule 12; Clauses 45 to 47; new Schedules relating to Part II; new Clauses relating to Part III; Amendments relating to Clause 48; Schedule 13; Clause 49; Schedule 14; Clauses 50 to 57; Schedule 15; Clauses 58 to 60; new Schedules relating to Part III; other new Clauses: Amendments relating to Clauses 61 to 68; other new Schedules; Amendments relating to Schedule 16.—[Mr. Monro.]

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