HC Deb 30 October 1980 vol 991 cc714-5


That at this day's sitting, if proceedings on the Motions relating to Procedure, Standing Order No. 40 (Committal of Bills), Special Standing Committees, Standing Committee on European Community Documents, European Community Legislation, Procedure (Supply), Standing Order No. 73A (Standing Committee on Statutory Instruments, &c.), Standing Order No. 62 (Nomination of Standing Committees), Standing Order No. 60 (Constitution of Standing Committees), and Standing Order No. 3 (Exempted Business) have not been disposed of by Ten o'clock, any Amendments to the first Motion which have been selected by Mr. Speaker may be moved, the Questions thereon shall be put forthwith and Mr. Speaker shall then proceed forthwith to put the Question upon the said Motion and any Questions necessary to dispose of the other Motions and of any Amendments moved thereto which have been selected by him; that the Motions relating to Supply, Questions on Amendments, Amend- ments to Bills, Leave of Absence for Mr. Speaker, Nomination of Select Committees, Committal of Bills, Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration, and Joint Committee on Consolidation, &c., Bills, may be proceeded with, though opposed, until half-past Eleven o'clock or for one and a half hours after the first of the said Motions has been entered upon, whichever is the later; and that if proceedings thereon have not been disposed of by that hour Mr. Speaker shall put forthwith any Questions necessary to dispose of them——

[Mr. Boscawen]