HC Deb 11 November 1980 vol 992 c349

Lords amendment: No. 75, in page 62, line 6, at end insert and different days may be so appointed for different provisions and for different purposes; and any reference in any provision of this Part of this Act to the commencement date is a reference to the day appointed under this section for the coming into operation of that provision or, if different days are so appointed for different purposes of that provision, the day appointed for the purpose in question.

Mr. Fox

I beg to move, That this House doth agree with the Lords in the said amendment.

Mr. Deputy Speaker

With this we may take Lords amendment No. 76.

Mr. Fox

Under clause 74 the Secretary of State and the Minister of Transport have power to make regulations appointing the day on which part VIII of the Bill shall come into force. That power is not wide enough at present to allow the Minister to bring different provisions of part VIII into operation on different days, or to bring the same provision into effect on different days for different purposes.

If the new capital controls are to take effect from the financial year 1981–2, and if the Minister is to fulfil the duty laid on him by clause 67(1), under which he must notify authorities of their expenditure allocations before the beginning of the financial year to which they relate, clause 63 must be brought into effect before I April 1981.

On the other hand, clause 66(1) draws a distinction between capital receipts which arise "before the commencement date "and those which arise: on or after the commencement date". In this case—again assuming that the control system is to operate from 1981–2 the commencement date will be 1 April 1981. Thus the Minister needs a more flexible power to appoint the days on which different provisions of part VIII of the Bill shall come into effect. The amendments will give that extra flexibility.

Question put and agreed to.

Lords amendment No. 76 agreed to.

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