HC Deb 05 November 1980 vol 991 c1292

Queen's Recommendation having been signified—


That, for the purposes of any Act of the present Session to provide for the reduction of the public dividend capital of the British Airways Board and for the subsequent dissolution of the Board and the vesting of all its property, rights, liabilities and obligations in a company nominated by the Secretary of State and to amend the Civil Aviation Act 1971, it is expedient to authorise any increase in the sums issued out of or paid into the Consolidated Fund or the National Loans Fund which is attributable to provisions of the said Act of the present Session increasing to £1,000 million the limit on the aggregate of the amount outstanding in respect of the principal of any money borrowed by the British Airways Board (including sums deemed to have been loaned to the Board) and the sums paid to the Board under section 7 of the British Airways Board Act 1977.—[Mr. Boscawend