HC Deb 15 July 1980 vol 988 cc1373-4

Amendments made:

No. 359, in page 122, line 24, at end insert—

'Shops Act 1950 (c. 28)

0.—(1) In section 8(1) (closing orders) omit the words "and confirmed by the Secretary of State in manner provided by this Act".

(2) In section 9 (procedure for making closing orders) omit—

  1. (a)in subsection (2), the words from "and the order" to the end, and
  2. (b) subsection (3).

(3) Omit section 10 (local inquiries for purpose of promoting and facilitating early closing).

"Revocation of closing orders

(4) For section 11, substitute— 11. A local authority may at any time revoke a closing order either absolutely or, if it is made to appear to the satisfaction of the authority that the occupiers of a majority of any class of shop to which he order applies are opposed to the continuance of the order, so far as it affects that class of shop, but any such revocation shall be without prejudice to the making of any new closing order.".'.

No. 364, in page 122, line 26, leave out from 5(1)' to end of line 28 and insert '(working standards and testing and stamping equipment) for the words "the Board may from time to time approve or require as being" there shall be substituted the word "are".'.

No. 360, in page 123, line 7, after 41(2),' insert (notice of appointment as inspector of weights and measures or of a person ceasing to hold that office to be given to the Secretary of State)'.

No. 361, in page 123, line 9, after ' 43(1)', insert (which provides for the payment of fees where inspectors perform additional functions)'.

No. 362, in page 123, line 14, leave out ' fee ' and insert fees '.

No. 363, in page 123, line 18, at end insert—

8A. The following provisions (all of which confer default powers), namely—

  1. (a)in the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 section 26(3) and (4);
  2. (b)in the Consumer Credit Act 1974, section 161(4), (5) and (6); and
  3. (c)in the Estate Agents Act 1979, section 26(5), (6), (7) and (8), shall cease to have effect.'.

—[Mr. King.]

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