HC Deb 25 January 1980 vol 977 c796
Mr. Peter Shore (Stepney and Poplar)

With your permission, Mr. Speaker, and that of the House, I beg leave to present a humble petition to the House on behalf of some of the burgesses of the London borough of Tower Hamlets. This petition relates to the proposal, which we may yet see before the House, to establish an urban development corporation to take over the substantial parts of the borough of Tower Hamlets which fall within the defined dockland area.

It is the strong view of the mayor and the burgesses of Tower Hamlets—in this they are supported by their Members of Parliament and the great majority of those who live there—that such a step would be retrograde, that such a step would be undemocratic and that such a step would not be in the interests of the people of that borough.

In presenting this petition we humbly beseech and urge that no such urban development corporation will be created, and that the future of the borough of Tower Hamlets, including the area of dockland, should be left to the wishes and the development of the properly elected democratic authorities of that area.

I beg leave to present the petition.

To lie upon the Table.