HC Deb 03 April 1980 vol 982 c658
Mr. Speaker

I undertook yesterday to make a statement following the point of order raised by the hon. Member for Berwick-upon-Tweed (Mr. Beith) about the delegation to the Council of Europe. After considering the matter again, I can only repeat what I said in the House on 3 April last year, namely, that the point must be pursued with those who are responsible on the Front Bench—apparently, from replies this morning, both Front Benches—and that it is not a matter for me.

Mr. Beith

I thank you, Mr. Speaker, for the consideration that you have given to the matter. I accept your ruling. It clearly comes as a surprise to us that when the House sends hon. Members to present clocks to South Sea Islands we need a resolution of the House, but that in this matter a written question, already tabled before you gave your ruling, should suffice. If it is the case that an executive decision is involved, it must not be pursued with you, but elsewhere. I can only express the hope that the Leader of the House recognises the difficulty in which he has placed us and realises that we cannot co-operate with him if he continues to act in this way.