HC Deb 29 October 1979 vol 972 c832
Mr. Kinnock

I regret having to raise this matter, Mr. Speaker, but we are in some difficulty. You told us in what you considered to be your concluding remarks, immediately before my hon. Friend the Member for Nottingham, West (Mr. English) stood up, that this was not a point of order. For my guidance, if well-established customs are not scrupulously observed by the Government, and as the strength of the Government is sufficient to allow them to dictate to the Commons unless the House is protected, could you tell me how matters can be raised and discussed in the House as a matter of urgency if not on a point of order?

Mr. Speaker

The answer to that is quite clear. There are issues which are conventions between the parties and which are no concern of the Chair. Pairing is a very good example where there is an understanding between both sides. I cannot hear any further argument on this question. I have given my ruling. Mr. Nigel Spearing, on a different point of order.

Several Hon. Members


Mr. Speaker

Order. I am not pursuing this matter. I have called Mr. Nigel Spearing on another point of order.