HC Deb 14 May 1979 vol 967 cc39-42

The following Members took and subscribed the Oath, or made and subscribed the Affirmation required by Law:

Right honourable Sir Derek Colclough Walker-Smith, baronet, TD, QC, East Hertfordshire.

Right honourable Sir John Benedict Eden, baronet, Bournemouth West.

Michael James Hugh Alison, esquire, Barkston Ash.

Right honourable Frederick William Mulley, Sheffield, Park.

Right honourable Reginald Ernest Prentice, Daventry.

Thomas Michael Cox, esquire, Wandsworth, Tooting.

Right honourable Dr Jesse Dickson Mabon, Greenock and Port Glasgow. Alfred James Wellbeloved, esquire, Bexley, Erith and Crayford.

Hector Seymour Peter Monro, esquire, Dumfries.

Right honourable Thomas Jeremy King, Bridgwater.

Nigel Lawson, esquire, Blaby.

Dr. Gerard Folliott Vaughan, Reading South.

Reginald Edwin Eyre, esquire, Birmingham, Hall Green.

Alexander Macpherson Fletcher, esquire, Edinburgh North.

Right honourable Donald James Stewart, Western Isles.

Cranley Gordon Douglas Onslow, esquire, Woking.

Richard Charles Mitchell, esquire, Southampton, Itchen.

William Percival Grieve, esquire, QC. Solihull.

Robert Edwards, esquire, Wolverhampton South East.

Patrick Henry Bligh Wall, esquire, MC, VRD, Haltemprice.

John Anthony Grant, esquire, Harrow Central.

William Rupert Rees-Davies, esquire, QC, Thanet West.

George Arthur Gardiner, esquire, Reigate Edward Joseph Fletcher, esquire, Darlington.

Julian Michael Gordon Critchley, esquire, Aldershot.

Bernard Conlan, esquire, Gateshead East.

Renée, Mrs. Short, Wolverhampton North East.

Trevor Alec Jones, esquire, Rhondda.

Leopold Abse, esquire, Pontypool.

Edward Rowlands, esquire, Merthyr Tydfil.

Dennis Andrew Canavan, esquire, West Stirlingshire.

John Francis Hodgess Roper, esquire, Farnworth.

Phillip Whitehead, esquire, Derby North.

Robert Thomas Ellis, esquire, Wrexham.

Michael Norman Shaw, esquire, Scarborough.

Robert Adam Ross Maclennan, esquire, Caithness and Sutherland.

Robert John Maxwell-Hyslop, esquire, Tiverton.

Winifred Ann, Mrs. Taylor, Bolton West.

Ronald Brown, esquire, Edinburgh, Leith. Richard Giles Douglas, esquire, Dunfermline.

Robert George Banks, esquire, Harrogate.

Ian Bruce Lang, esquire, Galloway.

Mary Elaine, Mrs Kellett-Bowman, Lancaster.

Right honourable Peter Kingsley Archer, QC, Warley West.

Joan Christabel Jill, Mrs Knight, MBE, Birmingham, Edgbaston.

James Alexander Lamond, esquire, Oldham East.

John Wakeham, esquire, Maldon.

Andrew Francis Bennett, esquire, Stockport North.

John Whitaker Straw, esquire, Blackburn.

Anthony David Steen, esquire, Liverpool, Wavertree.

John Dunlop, esquire, Mid-Ulster.

Brynmor Thomas John, esquire, Pontypridd.

Arthur Montague Frank Palmer, esquire, Bristol North East.

William Michael John Grylls. esquire, North West Surrey.

Nicholas Brian Baker, esquire, North Dorset.

Herbert Keith Speed, esquire, RD, Ashford.

Right honourable Sally, Mrs. Oppenheim, Gloucester.

Gwyneth Patricia, Mrs. Dunwoody, commonly called the honourable Mrs.Gwyneth Patricia Dunwoody, Crewe.

George Cunningham, esquire, Islington South and Finsbury.

Sir Frederic Mackarness Bennett, Torbay. Kenneth Robin Warren, esquire, Hastings. Right honourable Roland Dunstan Moyle, Lewisham East.

William Arthur Waldegrave, esquire, commonly called the honourable William Arthur Waldegrave, Bristol West.

David Laidlaw Knox, esquire, Leek.

Right honourable Charles Richard Morris, Manchester, Openshaw.

Frank Oswald Hooley, esquire, Sheffield, Heeley.

John Alexander Corrie, esquire, Bute and North Ayrshire.

Right honourable John William Gilbert, Dudley East.

Stephen Sherlock Ross, esquire, Isle of Wight.

Edward Lucas Gardner, esquire, QC, South Fylde.

3 p.m.


The sitting is suspended till half-past three o'clock.

3.30 p.m.

The following Members took and subscribed the Oath, or made and subscribed the Affirmation required by law:

Peter Hardy, esquire, Rother Valley.

John Anthony Kershaw, esquire, MC, Stroud.

Edward Lyons, esquire, QC, Bradford West.

Royston John Hughes, esquire, Newport.

Bryan Magee, esquire, Waltham Forest, Leyton.

William Mark Hughes, esquire, Durham. William Edward Garrett, esquire, Wallsend.

Arthur John Page, esquire, Harrow, West. Ian William Wrigglesworth, esquire, Teesside, Thornaby.

Michael Stuart Thomas, esquire, Newcastle upon Tyne East.

3.37 p.m.

Mr. Speaker

I suspend the sitting till half-past four o'clock.

4.30 p.m.

The following Members took and subscribed the Oath, or made and subscribed the Affirmation required by Law:

Eric John Sever, esquire, Birmingham, Ladywood.

Arthur Davidson, esquire, QC, Accrington.

Right honourable William Thomas Rodgers, Teesside, Stockton.

Eric Ogden, esquire, Liverpool, West Derby.

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