HC Deb 10 May 1979 vol 967 cc19-34
Mr. Speaker

I must now call upon the Members of the House, according to the usual custom, to take the Oath of Allegiance at the Table of the House, first doing so myself.

Thereupon Mr. SPEAKER first alone, standing upon the upper step of the Chair, took and subscribed the Oath.

Mr. Speaker

It may be for the convenience of the House if I indicate my intentions with regard to the taking of the Oath by right hon. and hon. Members. I propose to call, first, members of the Government Front Bench, the Opposition Front Bench, then all Privy Councillors and former Ministers not included in those two groups, wherever they may be seated. Thereafter, I shall call alternate Benches from each side.

I shall continue in the Chair until about half-past four. I shall then suspend the sitting until five o'clock. I shall definitely return to the Chair at five o'clock—I hope—and I shall come again at six o'clock. I hope that the announcement of these arrangements will be of assistance to hon. Members, if they have something else which they wish to do in the meantime. A similar procedure will apply tomorrow. The House will sit at 11 a.m. I shall again be in the Chair at half-past 12, and that will be the last occasion. I understand that it may also be convenient to meet again for swearing on Monday, when I shall be in the Chair from 2.30 p.m.

I hope that this announcement will enable hon. Members to make their arrangements.

The following Members took and subscribed the Oath, or made and subscribed the Affirmation required by Law:

Right honourable Margaret Hilda, Mrs. Thatcher, Barnet, Finchley.

Right honourable Leonard James Callaghan, Cardiff South East.

Right honourable William Stephen Ian Whitelaw, CH, MC, Penrith and the Border.

Right honourable Norman Antony Francis St. John-Stevas, Chelmsford.

Right honourable Sir Richard Edward Geoffrey Howe, QC, East Surrey.

Right honourable Humphrey Edward Atkins, Spelthorne.

Right honourable Peter Edward Walker, MBE, Worcester.

Right honourable Francis Leslie Pym, MC, Cambridgeshire.

Right honourable Roger Nicholas Edwards, Pembroke.

Right honourable Sir Ian Hedworth John Little Gilmour, baronet, Chesham and Amersham.

Right honourable John William Frederic Nott, St. Ives.

Right honourable Charles Patrick Fleeming Jenkin, Redbridge, Wanstead and Woodford.

Right honourable Mark Carlisle, QC, Runcorn.

Right honourable Angus Edmund Upton Maude, TD, Stratford-on-Avon.

Right honourable Sir Robert Michael Oldfield Havers, QC, Merton, Wimbledon.

Right honourable Michael Ray Dibdin Heseltine, Henley.

Right honourable David Arthur Russell Howell, Guildford.

Right honourable Peter Norman Fowler, Sutton Coldfield.

Right honourable James Michael Leathes Prior, Lowestoft.

Right honourable Thomas Michael Jopling, Westmorland.

Right honourable Michael Mackintosh Foot, Ebbw Vale.

Right honourable Denis Winston Healey, MBE, Leeds East.

Right honourable Merlyn Rees, Leeds South.

Right honourable Michael Francis Lovell Cocks, Bristol South.

Right honourable Roy Mason, Barnsley.

Right honourable Joel Barnett, Heywood and Royton.

Right honourable Dr. David Anthony Llewellyn Owen, Plymouth, Devonport.

Right honourable Stanley Orme, Salford West.

Right honourable David Hedley Ennals, Norwich North.

Right honourable John Morris, QC, Aberavon.

Right honourable Eric Graham Varley, Chesterfield.

Harold Walker, esquire, Doncaster.

Right honourable Roy Sydney George Hattersley, Birmingham, Sparkbrook.

Right honourable Peter David Shore, Tower Hamlets, Stepney and Poplar.

Right honourable John Ernest Silkin, Lewisham, Deptford.

Right honourable John Smith, North Lanarkshire.

Bryant Godman Irvine, esquire, Rye.

Right honourable David Martin Scott Steel, Roxburgh, Selkirk and Peebles.

John Stradling Thomas, esquire, Monmouth.

James Hector Northey Gray, esquire, Ross and Cromarty.

Alick Laidlaw Buchanan-Smith, esquire, commonly called the honourable Alick Laidlaw Buchanan-Smith, North Angus and Mearns.

Thomas Russell Fairgrieve, esquire, CBE, TD, West Aberdeenshire.

Norman Beresford Tebbit, esquire, Waltham Forest, Chingford.

Harry Neil Marten, esquire, Banbury.

Nicholas Ridley, esquire, commonly called the honourable Nicholas Ridley, Cirencester and Tewkesbury.

Michael Hilary Arthur Roberts, esquire, Cardiff North West.

Hugh Alexis Louis Rossi, esquire, Haringey, Hornsey.

Alfred William Wiggin, esquire, TD, Weston-super-Mare.

Lynda, Mrs. Chalker, Wallasey.

Ieuan Wyn Pritchard Roberts, esquire, Conway.

Kenneth Harry Clarke, esquire, Rushcliffe.

Leon Brittan, esquire, QC, Cleveland and Whitby.

Sir George Samuel Knatchbull Young, baronet, Ealing, Acton.

Anthony George Berry, esquire, commonly called the honourable Anthony George Berry, Enfield, Southgate.

Right honourable Denis Herbert Howell, Birmingham, Small Heath.

Right honourable James Gregor Mackenzie, Rutherglen.

Right honourable Judith Constance Mary, Mrs. Hart, Lanark.

Right honourable Robert Edward Sheldon, Ashton-under-Lyne.

Robert Crofton Brown, esquire, Newcastle upon Tyne West.

Right honourable Alfred Morris, Manchester, Wythenshawe.

Albert Edward Patrick Duffy, esquire, Sheffield, Attercliffe.

Right honourable Samuel Charles Silkin, QC, Southwark, Dulwich.

Gordon James Oakes, esquire, Widnes.

James Hamilton, esquire, Bothwell.

Donald Richard Coleman, esquire, Neath.

Stanley Clinton Davis, esquire, Hackney Central.

John Rhodes Horam, esquire, Gateshead West.

Right honourable Gerald Bernard Kaufman, Manchester, Ardwick.

Dr. Shirley Catherine Wynne Summerskill, commonly called the honourable Shirley Catherine Wynne Summerskill, Halifax.

John Roddick Russell MacGregor, esquire, OBE, South Norfolk.

Right honourable Harold Julian Amery, Brighton, Pavilion.

Peter Hugh Morrison, esquire, commonly called the honourable Peter Hugh Morrison, City of Chester.

David Neil Macfarlane, esquire, Sutton and Cheam.

David Carol MacDonald Mather, esquire, MC, Esher.

Rhodes Boyson, esquire, Brent North.

Nicholas Hardwick Fairbairn, esquire, QC, Kinross and West Perthshire.

Malcolm Leslie Rifkind, esquire, Edinburgh, Pentlands.

William Charles Whitlock, esquire, Nottingham North.

John Anderson Cunningham, esquire, Whitehaven.

Right honourable Hugh Charles Patrick Joseph Fraser, MBE, Stafford and Stone.

Hugh Dunbar Brown, esquire, Glasgow, Provan.

Sir Walter Ian Percival, QC, Southport.

Stephen Barry Jones, esquire, East Flint.

William Dennis Homewood, esquire, Kettering.

Kenneth Marks, esquire, Manchester, Gorton.

John Edward Michael Moore, esquire, Croydon Central.

Nicolas Guy Barnett, esquire, Greenwich.

Right honourable John Wynne William Peyton, Yeovil.

James Anthony Dunn, esquire, Liverpool, Kirkdale.

Right honourable Maurice Victor Macmillan, Farnham.

Right honourable Frederick Thomas Willey, Sunderland North.

James Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, esquire, commonly called Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Edinburgh West.

Alexander Eadie, esquire, BEM, Midlothian.

Sir Donald Kaberry, baronet, TD, Leeds North West.

Thomas Edward Graham, esquire, Enfield, Edmonton.

Norman Stewart Hughson Lamont, esquire, Kingston upon Thames.

Sir Robert William Elliott, Newcastle upon Tyne North.

James Marshall, esquire, Leicester South.

Right honourable Rodney Graham Page, MBE, Crosby.

Joseph Jabez Dean, esquire, Leeds West.

Sir Paul Elmore Oliver Bryan, DSO, MC, Howden.

Harry Philp Heggie Gourlay, esquire, Kirkcaldy.

Right honourable Bruce Millan, Glasgow, Craigton.

Sir Bernard Richard Braine, South East Essex.

John Dennis Concannon, esquire, Mansfield.

Peter Emery, esquire, Honiton.

John Evans, esquire, Newton.

Eric Petro Deakins, esquire, Waltham Forest, Walthamstow.

Arthur Paul Dean, esquire, North Somerset.

Albert William Stallard, esquire, Camden, St. Pancras North.

Raymond Llewellyn Mawby, esquire, Totnes.

James Tinn, esquire, Cleveland, Redcar.

Ifor Davies, esquire, Gower.

Harry Ewing, esquire, Stirling, Falkirk and Grangemouth.

David Bower Mitchell, esquire, Basingstoke.

Right honourable Reginald Yarnitz Free-son, Brent East.

Raymond Joseph Ellis, esquire, North East Derbyshire.

Francis McElhone, esquire, Glasgow, Queen's Park.

Right honourable Joseph Grimond, TD, Orkney and Zetland.

Right honourable Douglas Patrick Thomas Jay, Wandsworth, Battersea North.

Right honourable John Enoch Powell, MBE, South Down.

Daniel Jones, esquire, BEM, Burnley.

Peggy Edith, Mrs. Fenner, Rochester and Chatham.

Sir Nigel Thomas Loveridge Fisher, MC, Kingston upon Thames, Surbiton.

Bruce Bernard Weatherill, esquire, Croydon North East.

George Robert Cryer, esquire, Keighley.

Right honourable Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn, Bristol South East.

Sir William Thomas Williams, QC, Warrington.

Eric Samuel Heffer, esquire, Liverpool, Walton.

William Radcliffe van Straubenzee, esquire, MBE, Wokingham.

Frank Richard White, esquire, Bury and Radcliffe.

Gavin Steel Strang, esquire, Edinburgh East.

James Dempsey, esquire, Coatbridge and Airdrie.

Leslie Spriggs, esquire, St. Helens.

Thomas William Torney, esquire, Bradford South.

Robert Kilroy-Silk, esquire, Ormskirk.

Jeffrey William Rooker, esquire, Birmingham, Perry Barr.

Alan Kenneth McKenzie Clark, esquire, commonly called the honourable Alan Kenneth McKenzie Clark, Plymouth, Sutton.

Dr. Alan Glyn, ERD, Windsor and Maidenhead.

Albert McQuarrie, esquire, East Aberdeenshire.

Michael John Martin, esquire, Glasgow, Springburn.

Anthony Michael Beaumont-Dark, esquire, Birmingham, Selly Oak.

George Islay Macneill Robertson, esquire, Hamilton.

John Alston Maxton, esquire, Glasgow, Cathcart.

Donald Campbell Dewar, esquire, Glasgow, Garscadden.

Norman Hogg, esquire, East Dunbartonshire.

William Richard Benyon, esquire, Buckingham.

Ian Campbell, esquire, West Dunbartonshire.

James White, esquire, Glasgow, Pollok.

Ian Stewart Lloyd, esquire, Havant and Waterloo.

William Wilson, esquire, Coventry South East.

Stanley George Thorne, esquire, Preston South.

Roger Stott, esquire, Westhoughton.

Ivor Robert Stanbrook, esquire, Bromley, Orpington.

John Deane Spence, esquire, Thirsk and Malton.

Dennis Edward Skinner, esquire, Bolsover.

Albert Roberts, esquire, Normanton.

Charles Fletcher Fletcher-Cooke, esquire, QC, Darwen.

Peter Lewis Rost, esquire, South-East Derbyshire.

Gwilym Ednyfed Hudson Davies, esquire, Caerphilly.

Stanley James Allen Hill, esquire, Southampton, Test.

Alec Woodall, esquire, Hemsworth.

John Heydon Romaine Stokes, esquire, Halesowen and Stourbridge.

Geoffrey Lofthouse, esquire, Pontefract and Castleford.

Trevor Herbert Harry Skeet, esquire, Bedford.

Edward Leadbitter, esquire, Hartlepool.

James Esmond Bulmer, esquire, Kidderminster.

Michael Collins Welsh, esquire, Don Valley.

Betty Boothroyd, West Bromwich West.

Peter Hannay Bailey Tapsell, esquire, Horncastle.

Terence Anthony Gordon Davis, esquire, Birmingham, Stechford.

Alastair Robertson Goodlad, esquire, Northwich.

Lawrence Francis Cunliffe, esquire, Leigh.

Raymond William Whitney, esquire, OBE, Wycombe.

David Julian Winnick, esquire, Walsall North.

James Mark Craigen, esquire, Glasgow, Maryhill.

Cecil Edward Parkinson, esquire, South Hertfordshire.

Thomas McLellan McMillan, esquire, Glasgow Central.

Peter Derek Fry, esquire, Wellingborough.

Richard Crawshaw, esquire, OBE, TD, Liverpool, Toxteth.

Dr. Keith Hampson, Ripon.

Dr. Edmund Ian Marshall, Goole.

Iain Campbell Mills, esquire, Meriden.

Donald Dixon, esquire, Jarrow.

Derek Foster, esquire, Bishop Auckland.

Iain MacDonald Sproat, esquire, Aberdeen South.

Harry Lowes Cowans, esquire, Newcastle upon Tyne Central.

Robert Thomas Boscawen, esquire, MC, commonly called the honourable Robert Thomas Boscawen, Wells.

David Marshall, esquire, Glasgow, Shettleston.

Timothy Hugh Francis Raison, esquire. Aylesbury.

Michael Aubrey Hamilton, esquire, Salisbury.

Andrew McMahon, esquire, Glasgow, Govan.

Stanley Cohen, esquire, Leeds South East.

Joseph Stanley Crowther, esquire, Rotherham.

Michael Jon Neubert, esquire, Havering, Romford.

Allen McKay, esquire, Penistone.

Peter James Bottomley, esquire, Greenwich, Woolwich West.

Alexander Ward Lyon, esquire, York.

Alan James Beith, esquire, Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Vera Joan Maynard, Sheffield, Brightside Geraint Wyn Howells, esquire, Cardigan.

Marcus Richard Kimball, esquire, Gains-borough.

Irene Sheila, Mrs. Faith, Belper.

Richard Scurrah Wainwright, esquire, Colne Valley.

Michael Keith Beale Colvin, esquire, Bristol North West.

William McKelvey, esquire, Kilmarnock.

Terence Langley Higgins, esquire, Worthing.

Ernest Ross, esquire, Dundee West.

Albert Percy Costain, esquire, Folkestone and Hythe.

Benjamin Thomas Ford, esquire, Bradford North.

David Fairlie Myles, esquire, Banff.

Kenneth John Woolmer, esquire, Batley and Morley.

David Wright Young, esquire, Bolton East.

Robert John Dunn, esquire, Dartford.

Michael English, esquire, Nottingham West.

Sydney James Bidwell, esquire, Ealing, Southall.

David Ginsburg, esquire, Dewsbury.

John Vincent Tilley, esquire, Lambeth Central.

Robert Vidal Rhodes James, esquire, Cambridge.

Dr Oonagh Anne McDonald, Thurrock.

Walter Hamlet Johnson, esquire, Derby South.

Winston Spencer Churchill, esquire, Stretford.

Clement Raphael Freud, esquire, Isle of Ely.

Frederick Frank Arthur Burden, esquire, Gillingham.

Allen Adams, esquire, Paisley.

David Lance Crouch, esquire, Canterbury.

John David Home Robertson, esquire, Berwick and East Lothian.

Tam Dalyell, esquire, West Lothian.

Martin John O'Neill, esquire, Clackmannan and East Stirlingshire.

Robin Clifford Squire, esquire, Havering, Hornchurch.

Sheila Rosemary Rivers, Mrs. Wright, Birmingham, Handsworth.

Julius Silverman, esquire, Birmingham, Erdington.

Keith David Wickenden, esquire, Dorking.

Edwin Wainwright, esquire, BEM, Dearne Valley.

Dale Norman Campbell-Savours, esquire, Workington.

Gwilym Edffrwd Roberts, esquire, Cannock.

Bentley John Heddle, esquire, Lichfield and Tamworth.

Thomas McNally, esquire, Stockport South.

Timothy Denis Brinton, esquire, Gravesend.

John Ward, esquire, CBE, Poole.

Ralph Bonner Pink, esquire, CBE, VRD, Portsmouth South.

David Alton, esquire, Liverpool, Edge Hill.

Robert Arthur McCrindle, esquire, Brentwood and Ongar.

George Martin Morton, esquire, Manchester, Miss Side.

Francis Nigel Forman, esquire, Sutton, Carshalton.

Hugh McCartney, esquire, Central Dunbartonshire.

Peter Robert Cable Lloyd, esquire, Fareham.

Kenneth Eastham, esquire, Manchester, Blackley.

James Callaghan, esquire, Middleton and Prestwich.

Kenneth Wilfred Baker, esquire, City of Westminster, St. Marylebone.

John Warren Loveridge, esquire, Havering, Upminster.

Robert James Adley, esquire, Christchurch and Lymington.

Kenneth Thomas Weetch, esquire, Ipswich.

Robert Anthony Bevis Durant, esquire, Reading North.

Arthur Stanley Newens, esquire, Harlow.

John Robert Louis Lee, esquire, Nelson and Colne.

David Francis Haynes, esquire, Ashfield.

John Patrick Butcher, esquire, Coventry South West.

George Foulkes, esquire, South Ayrshire.

Donald Thompson, esquire, Sowerby.

Denys Alan Reg Race, esquire, Haringey, Wood Green.

Martin Henry Flannery, esquire, Sheffield, Hillsborough.

Graham Frank James Bright, esquire, Luton East.

Barry John Sheerman, esquire, Huddersfield East.

John Russell Carlisle, esquire, Luton West.

Norman Atkinson, esquire, Haringey, Tottenham.

Allan Roberts, esquire, Bootle.

Thomas Yates Benyon, esquire, Abingdon.

Gerard Fitt, esquire, Belfast West.

Peter Temple-Morris, esquire, Leominster.

David Charles Penhaligon, esquire, Truro.

Josephine Richardson, Barking.

Geoffrey Mark Wolfson, esquire, Seven-oaks.

Greville Ewan Janner, esquire, QC, commonly called the honourable Greville Ewan Janner, QC, Leicester West.

Ian Mikardo, esquire, Tower Hamlets, Bethnal Green and Bow.

Donald Anderson, esquire, Swansea East.

David Austin Trippier, esquire, Rossendale.

Thomas Pendry, esquire, Stalybridge and Hyde.

George Malcolm Thornton, esquire, Liverpool, Garston.

George Grant, esquire, Morpeth.

George Barrington Porter, esquire, Bebington and Ellesmere Port.

Stuart Kingsley Holland, esquire, Lambeth, Vauxhall.

John Jackson Mackay, esquire, Argyll.

Neil George Carmichael, esquire, Glasgow, Kelvingrove.

Peter Lovat Fraser, esquire, South Angus.

John Ryman, esquire, Blyth.

Martin Stevens, esquire, Hammersmith, Fulham.

William Ross, esquire, Londonderry.

John Denis Fraser, esquire, Lambeth, Norwood.

David Gilroy Bevan, esquire, Birmingham, Yardley.

David George Clarke, esquire, South Shields.

Philip Warren Hawksley, esquire, The Wrekin.

Michael Joseph O'Halloran, esquire, Islington North.

Michael Andrew Foster Jude Kerr, esquire, commonly called the Earl of Ancram, Edinburgh South.

Right honourable Thomas William Urwin, Houghton-le-Spring.

Tom Ellis Hooson, esquire, Brecon and Radnor.

Robert Parry, esquire, Liverpool, Scotland Exchange.

Keith Lander Best, esquire, Anglesey.

Douglas Martin Hogg, esquire, commonly called the honourable Douglas Martin Hogg, Grantham.

Robert Michael James Cecil, esquire, commonly called Viscount Cranborne, Dorset South.

Frank Field, esquire, Birkenhead.

Richard Anthony Nelson, esquire, Chichester.

Nigel John Spearing, esquire, Newham South.

David John Delwyn Williams, esquire, Montgomery.

Clive Stafford Soley, esquire, Hammersmith North.

Frank Gordon Dobson, esquire, Camden, Holborn and St. Pancras South.

Patrick Michael Ernest David McNair-Wilson, esquire, New Forest.

John Laurence Garrett, esquire, Norwich South.

Robert Michael Conal McNair-Wilson, esquire, Newbury.

Geoffrey Hugh Dodsworth, esquire, South West Hertfordshire.

Ivan John Lawrence, esquire, Burton.

Charles Graham Irving, esquire, Cheltenham.

Janet Evelyn Fookes, Plymouth, Drake.

Christopher Francis Patten, esquire, Bath.

John Haggit Patten, esquire, Oxford.

William Armand Thomas Tristan Garel-Jones, esquire, Watford.

Richard Francis Needham, esquire, Chippenham.

Keith Harvey Proctor, esquire, Basildon.

Eric Paul Cockeram, esquire, Ludlow.

Mark Alexander Lennox-Boyd, esquire, commonly called the honourable Mark Alexander Lennox-Boyd, Morecambe and Lonsdale.

Jack Heywood Aspinwall, esquire, Kings-wood.

John Grenville Bernard Watson, esquire, Skipton.

Kenneth Lewis, esquire, Rutland and Stamford.

Victor Henry Goodhew, esquire, St. Albans.

Gerrard Anthony Neale, esquire, North Cornwall.

Matthew Francis Parris, esquire, West Derbyshire.

Richard Bernard Body, esquire, Holland with Boston.

Roger Edward Sims, esquire, Bromley, Chislehurst.

John Donkin Dormand, esquire, Easington.

Bruce Thomas George, esquire, Walsall South.

Spencer Le Marchant, esquire, High Peak.

4.35 p.m.

Mr. Speaker

The sitting is suspended till five o'clock.

5 p.m.

The following Members took and subscribed the Oath, or made and subscribed the Affirmation required by Law:

William Walker, esquire, Perth and East Perthshire.

Geoffrey Kenneth Dickens, esquire, Huddersfield West.

Julian Errington Ridsdale, esquire, CBE, Harwich.

William David Madel, esquire, South Bedfordshire.

John Selwyn Gummer, esquire, Eye.

Richard Thain Alexander, esquire, Newark.

Dudley Gorden Smith, esquire, Warwick and Leamington.

Dennis Walters, esquire, MBE, Westbury. John Ernest Douglas Browne, esquire, Winchester.

David Leonard Stoddart, esquire, Swindon.

James Henry Molyneaux, esquire, South Antrim.

Neil Gordon Kinnock, esquire, Bedwellty. Jeremy William Bray, esquire, Mother well and Wishaw.

Bruce Leslie Home Douglas-Mann, esquire, Merton, Mitcham and Morden.

Philip Antony Fyson Buck, esquire, QC, Colchester.

Jeffrey Thomas, esquire, QC, Abertillery.

Kenneth Melville Carlisle, esquire, Lincoln.

Bernard Harold Ian Halley Stewart, esquire, RD, Hitchin.

Sir Anthony John Charles Meyer, baronet, West Flint.

William Geraint Oliver Morgan, esquire, QC, Denbigh.

James Stewart Barry Henderson, esquire, East Fife.

Neil Gordon Thorne, esquire, Redbridge, Ilford South.

Peter John Viggers, esquire, Gosport.

Andrew Bowden, esquire, MBE, Brighton, Kemptown.

Hilary Duppa Miller, esquire, Bromsgrove and Redditch.

Alan Gordon Barraclough Haselhurst, esquire, Saffron Walden.

Robert Adrian Hicks, esquire, Bodmin.

Ian Grist, esquire, Cardiff North.

Thomas Richard Arnold, esquire, Hazel Grove.

James Francis Pawsey, esquire, Rugby.

Peter Leonard Brooke, esquire, commonly called the honourable Peter Leonard Brooke, City of London and Westminster South.

Ronald McMillan Bell, esquire, QC. Beaconsfield.

Roger Denis Moate, esquire, Faversham.

John Major, esquire, Huntingdonshire.

Dr. Brian Stanley Mawhinney, Peterborough.

John Leonard Hunt, esquire, Bromley, Ravensbourne.

Sydney Brookes Chapman, esquire, Barnet, Chipping Barnet.

Neville Devonshire Sandelson, esquire, Hillingdon, Hayes and Harlington.

Frederick John Silvester, esquire, Manchester, Withington.

Colin Ryley Shepherd, esquire, Hereford.

John Parker, esquire, CBE, Barking, Dagenham.

John Julius Wells, esquire, Maidstone.

Richard Charles Scrimgeour Shepherd, esquire, Aldridge-Brownhills.

David Russell Johnston, esquire, Inverness.

Robert Gordon Wilson, esquire, Dundee East.

John Cameron Cartwright, esquire, Greenwich, Woolwich East.

Philip Welsby Holland, esquire, Carlton.

Michael Anthony Latham, esquire, Melton.

David Anthony Atkinson, esquire, Bournemouth East.

William Jeremy Masefield Shelton, esquire, Lambeth, Streatham.

Archibald Gavin Hamilton, esquire, commonly called the honourable Archibald.

Gavin Hamilton, Epsom and Ewell.

Douglas Richard Hurd, esquire, CBE, commonly called the honourable Douglas Richard Hurd, Mid-Oxon.

David John Mellor, esquire, Wandsworth, Putney.

Right honourable Walter Harrison, Wake field.

Geoffrey Edwin Pattie, esquire, Chertsey and Walton.

Vivian Walter Hough Bendall, esquire, Redbridge, Ilford North.

Sir Timothy Peter Geoffrey Kitson, Richmond, Yorks.

Michael Hugh Meacher, esquire, Oldham West.

Bernard John Hayhoe, esquire, Hounslow, Brentford and Isleworth.

David John Watkins, esquire, Consett.

Peter Maudslay Hordern, esquire, Horsham and Crawley.

5.21 p.m.

Mr. Speaker

I suspend the sitting till six o'clock.

6 p.m.

The following Members took and subscribed the Oath, or made and subscribed the Affirmation required by Law:

Michael John Mates, esquire, Petersfield.

John Ambrose Cope, esquire, South Gloucestershire.

Patrick Thomas Cormack, esquire, South West Staffordshire.

Jocelyn Benedict Laurence Cadbury, esquire, Birmingham, Northfield.

Christopher Brocklebank-Fowler, esquire, North West Norfolk.

Robert Bowen Cant, esquire, Stoke-on-Trent Central.

Thomas George Bradley, esquire, Leicester East.

Cyril David Townend, esquire, Bexley, Bexleyheath.

Giles Heneage Radice, esquire, Chesterle-Street.

Leopold Raymond Fletcher, esquire, Ilkeston.

Dafydd Elis Thomas, esquire, Merioneth.

Sir Brandon Meredith Rhys Williams, baronet, Kensington and Chelsea, Kensington.

Peter Charles Snape, esquire, West Bromwich East.

John David McWilliam, esquire, Blaydon.

Joan Lestor, Eton and Slough.

Lewis Carter-Jones, esquire, Eccles.

Ernest Alfred Cecil Roberts, esquire, Hackney North and Stoke Newington. Laurence Anstice Pavitt, esquire, Brent South.

Right honourable William John Biffen, Oswestry.

William Michael Hardy Spicer, esquire, South Worcestershire.

Nicholas Walter Lyell, esquire, Hemel Hempstead.

John Marcus Fox, esquire, MBE, Shipley.

Nicholas Raymond Winterton, esquire, Macclesfield.

Michael Russell Brown, esquire, Brigg and Scunthorpe.

Robert James Atkins, esquire, Preston North.

John Daniel Wheeler, esquire, City of Westminster, Paddington.

Alfred Dubs, esquire, Wandsworth, Battersea South.

Timothy John Crommelin Eggar, esquire, Enfield North.

Ronald Leighton, esquire, Newham North East.

Antony Harold Newton, esquire, OBE, Braintree.

Richard Napier Luce, esquire, Shoreham.

Julian Michael Shersby, esquire, Hillingdon, Uxbridge.

Robert Michael Marshall, esquire, Arundel.

Adam Courtauld Butler, esquire, commonly called the honourable Adam Courtauld Butler, Bosworth.

Raymond Powell, esquire, Ogmore.

Geoffrey Finsberg, esquire, MBE, Camden, Hampstead.

Hugh John Dykes, esquire, Harrow East.

John Stuart Forrester, esquire, Stoke-on-Trent North.

Peter Allan Renshaw Blaker, esquire, Blackpool South.

Timothy Alan Davan Sainsbury, esquire, commonly called the honourable Timothy Alan Davan Sainsbury, Hove.

Charles Andrew Morrison, esquire, commonly called the honourable Charles Andrew Morrison, Devizes.

Sir Anthony Henry Fanshawe Royle, KCMG, Richmond upon Thames, Richmond.

Gary Peter Anthony Waller, esquire, Brighouse and Spenborough.

Antony Rivers Marlow, esquire, Northampton North.

Christopher Philip Yorke Murphy, esquire, Welwyn and Hatfield.

David James Fletcher Hunt, esquire, MBE, Wirral.

Right honourable Edward Dillon Lott du Cann, Taunton.

Ian Reginald Edward Gow, esquire, TD, Eastbourne.

John Bruce-Gardyne, esquire, Knutsford.

Right honourable Sir James Harold Wilson, KG, OBE, Huyton.

Jack Dunnett, esquire, Nottingham East.

Henry Paul Guinness Channon, esquire, Southend West.

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