HC Deb 30 March 1979 vol 965 cc804-5

Amendments made: No. 47, in page 60, line 37, leave out 'and (l)' and insert '(l), (m) and (p)'.

No. 48, in page 61, line 15, at end insert— '(aa) before the word "mate" wherever it occurs there shall be inserted the word "first";'.

No. 49, in page 61, line 31, leave out 'and' and insert 'but nothing in sub-paragraph (a) of this paragraph affects the validity or prevents the renewal of.

No. 50, in page 61, line 32, leave out 'sub-paragraph (a) of this paragraph' and insert 'that sub-paragraph'.

No. 51, in page 61, line 34, leave out 'shall cease to be in force on that day'.

No. 52, in page 61, line 35, at end insert— '(2) In section 23(3) (which provides that a pilotage certificate shall not be in force for more than one year but may be renewed annually) after the word "may" there shall be inserted the words "if held by the master or first mate of a ship". (3) In section 23(4) and (5) (which refer to pilotage certificates for masters and mates and for more than one ship of substantially the same class) before the word "mate" wherever it occurs there shall be inserted the word "first" and after the word "class" there shall be inserted the words"and registered as mentioned in paragraph (a) in subsection (1) of this section." '.

No. 53, in page 61, line 40, at end insert— '(2) In section 27 (which provides for complaints to the Secretary of State about a pilotage authority's conduct in connection with pilots' licences and pilotage certificates and examinations for them) after subsection (1) there shall be inserted the following subsection— (1A) The Secretary of State may—

  1. (a) before he considers a complaint as required by the preceding subsection, ask the Pilotage Commission for its advice on the complaint; and
  2. (b) when considering the complaint as so required, have regard to the Commission's advice on the complaint.'.

No. 54, in page 62, line 38, leave out 'five hundred pounds' and insert— 'one thousand pounds in the case of an offence under paragraph (b) of this subsection and five hundred pounds in any other case.'.

No. 56, page 62, line 47, at end insert— '(3) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (2) of section 54 of this Act, an order in pursuance of that subsection which brings into force the preceding subparagraph or Schedule 7 to this Act so far as that Schedule relates to section 32(2) may provide that it shall come into force in relation only to such pilotage districts as are specified in the order.'.

No. 57, in page 64, line 20, after 'words" ', insert— (disregarding any increase in the dues attributable to failure to comply with the requirements of byelaws in force in the district about requests for pilots)'.—[Mr. Clinton Davis.]

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