HC Deb 14 February 1978 vol 944 cc240-1
Mr. English

On a point of order. Mr. Speaker. I have given you notice of this matter.

I should like you to exercise your good offices to give a direction to an Officer of the House. The other day I asked the Deliverer of the Vote, Mr. Marsden, what arrangements he would be making to enable Members to obtain cassettes of tapes the day after the broadcasting of our proceedings.

I received a reply from him which, after thanking me for my letter, said: The question of the supply of cassettes free of charge to Members is one matter among others on which I understand no decision has yet been taken. This subject falls within the remit of the Committee which is to be appointed to supervise the broadcasting of proceedings. That Committee does not yet exist. Indeed, it may never exist before our proceedings are broadcast—and, if it does exist, it may not meet. This is a matter of some importance. I think that we are all honest enough to admit that very few of our speeches will be broadcast, but hon. Members might like to obtain a tape of some Question or remarks even if they are not broadcast.

I wonder whether you would ask the Deliverer of the Vote to discuss this problem with the BBC forthwith so that we may know what may be possible after Easter.

Mr. Speaker

The hon. Gentleman is aware, as is the House, that the House decided on 6th February to set up a Select Committee on Sound Broadcasting. The matter raised by the hon. Gentleman is clearly one not for me but for that Committee when it is established.

Mr. Kinnock

Further to that point of order, Mr. Speaker. Since this matter involves an Officer of the House, may I have your guidance on one matter? Is it not the height of egotism and likely to shatter his marriage for an hon. Member to play back his own speech over breakfast in the morning?

Mr. Speaker

Order. That would not affect me.