HC Deb 13 April 1978 vol 947 c1680

That it is expedient to amend the law with respect to the National Debt and the public revenue and to make further provision in connection with finance; but this Resolution does not extend to—

  1. (a) the making of any amendment with respect to value added tax so as to provide—
    1. (i) for zero-rating or exempting any supply;
    2. (ii) for refunding any amount of tax otherwise than by virtue of a provision relating to bad debts;
    3. (iii) for reducing the rate at which tax is for the time being chargeable on any supply or importation otherwise than by reducing that rate in relation to all supplies and importations on which tax is for the time being chargeable at that rate; or
    4. (iv) for any relief other than relief applicable to goods of whatever description or services of whatever description; or
  2. (b) the making of any amendment relating to the surcharge imposed by the National Insurance Surcharge Act 1976 and applying to some only of the persons by or in respect of whom the surcharge is payable; or
  3. (c) the making except in relation to farm ing or market gardening, of any provision for affording relief from tax by the adjustment of fluctuating income.—[Mr. Healey.]

[Relevant European Economic Community Documents: R/1721/77, R/2080/77, R/2473/77, COM (77) 640, the Economic Situation Annual Report, R/654/78 and R/655/78 on the economic situation in the Community and economic policy guidelines.]

Question again proposed.