HC Deb 10 November 1977 vol 938 cc997-8

Motion made,

That so much of any pension or allowance—

  1. (a) payable under the Social Security Act 1975 or the Social Security (Northern Ireland) Act 1975; or
  2. (b) payable under any Order in Council, Royal Warrant, order or scheme in respect of death due to service in the armed forces of the Crown or the merchant navy or to war injuries,
as is attributable to any general increase taking effect in the year 1977–78 shall be left out of account for all the purposes of income tax charged for that year but not for the purpose of furnishing information relating to any person's income for that year.

And it is hereby declared that it is expedient in the public interest that this Resolution should have statutory effect under the provisions of the Provisional Collection of Taxes Act 1968.—[Mr. Robert Sheldon.]

Bill ordered to be brought in upon the foregoing Resolutions relating to Ways and Means by the Chairman of Ways and Means, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Ennals, Mr. Joel Barnett, Mr. Harold Lever, Mr. Robert Sheldon and Mr. Denzil Davies.

Put forthwith pursuant to S.O. No. 94 (Ways and Means Motions), and agreed to.