HC Deb 28 June 1977 vol 934 c218

Our reference: S317/4/06

Date: 20th June 1977



Thank you for your letter dated 12 May.

The Secretary of State notes with satisfaction that your authority now intend to implement in September 1977 proposals which have already been approved under Section 13 of the Education Act 1944 in respect of the schools listed below and acknowledges receipt of such proposals to cease to maintain Gearies secondary modern school for boys as from August 1978.

I am directed to draw your attention to the duty laid on your authority by paragraph 2 of the Department's letter of 24 November 1976 and to the direction in paragraph 3 of that letter regarding the submission of proposals in pursuance thereof. It appears from your letter of 12 May (which, it is recognised, does not purport to be more than a progress report) that your authority intend to continue to admit children to Woodford County High School for Girls and to Ilford County High School for Boys under arrangements based (wholly or partly) on selection by reference to ability or aptitude. I am to ask you when the authority intend to discharge their statutory duty, under Section 2 of the Education Act 1976, to submit the proposals required by the Department's letter and the reasons for the present delay.

I am to remind the authority that officers of the Department are available to assist at any time.

I am Sir

Your obedient Servant.

W. J. Stewart.