HC Deb 19 July 1977 vol 935 c1379
Mr. R. C Mitchell

On a point of order——

Mr. Flannery

On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. I carried out what was required of us in asking a substantive Question of the Prime Minister—Question No. Q7—but it is not very encouraging when the non-substantive Questions take precedence over a straight Question. That is a point that I hope you will at some time consider on behalf of the House.

Mr. Speaker

There is a machine which turns the numbers around and it is a matter of luck whose Question comes out first. However, I shall look into the matter again. Mr. Mitchell.

Mr. R. C. Mitchell

My point of order was exactly the same as that of my hon. Friend, Mr. Speaker.

Mr. Shersby

Further to the point of order. When considering this matter, Mr. Speaker, would you be kind enough to investigate the possibility whether Prime Minister's Questions could be extended to 30 minutes? Ever since I have been a Member of the House I have found 15 minutes far too short a period for hon. Members to question the Prime Minister.

Mr. Speaker

That is not, of course, a matter for me, but the Select Committee has looked at the matter and I have no doubt that the Leader of the House has heard what has been said.

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