HC Deb 20 January 1977 vol 924 c707

Queen's recommendation having been signified

Resolved, That, for the purposes of any Act of the present Session to provide for grants to the British Railways Board and the National Freight Corporation and to increase the borrowing powers of the British Waterways Board, it is expedient to authorise—

  1. (a) the payment out of moneys provided by Parliament—
    1. (i) of grants to the British Railways Board not exceeding £45 million in total, in respect of any relevant deficit, as defined in that Act, of the Board's railway undertaking; and
    2. (ii) of grants to the National Freight Corporation not exceeding £50 million in total, towards so much of the Corporation's expenditure as cannot be met from other sources of finance;
  2. (b) any increase in the sums payable out of the National Loans Fund or out of or into the Consolidated Fund which is attributable to provisions increasing to £20 million the aggregate amount which may be outstanding in respect of—
    1. (i) the principal of any money borrowed by the British Waterways Board under section 19 of the Transport Act 1962; and
    2. (ii) the Board's commencing capital debt, as defined in Part II of that Act.—[Mr. David Stoddart.]