HC Deb 29 July 1975 vol 896 cc1766-86

5.9 a.m.

Mr. Fergus Montgomery (Altrincham and Sale)

I apologise to the hon. Lady the Under-Secretary of State for Education and Science because nine minutes past five in the morning is not the best time to have to reply to an Adjournment debate. I can only promise to be brief. I am sure that she will be as anxious as I am to get home.

I am glad to have the opportunity to press for the rebuilding of the junior department of St. Anne's Church of England Primary School in Sale. This school has approximately 280 pupils and was built somewhere between 1850 and 1890. I was under the belief that most of the schools in this country built in the 19th century had by now gone. Obviously I am wrong, because I have one in my constituency. Although the building itself is very old, I should like to pay tribute to the excellent teaching in the school under the flourishing parent-teachers' association, which has raised a great deal of money in order to try to keep this building in reasonable repair. However, I think that the people in the parent-teachers' association must be getting rather sick of raising money in order to spend it patching up a school building that they hope will not be there for very much longer.

This school now comes under the jurisdiction of the Trafford Local Education Authority, and recently Trafford compiled a report on the condition of this building. I should like to refer briefly to the part dealing with the question of health: Washing facilities are situated in two separate cloakrooms, containing 4 wash hand basins each. The toilet facilities are situated in two separate buildings and there are 2 continuous slab urinals and 16 W.C's. In the case of the washing facilities, these are below standard requirements of 1 fitting to 15 pupils. The outside toilet facilities are not satisfactorily protected from frost. The pans and water pipes could become frozen due to lack of proper insulation and the open design of the toilet buildings themselves. The school meals kitchen is very small and its size makes it unsatisfactory for the number of meals served each day. Meals are only served in this area. A certain amount of rainwater penetration has occurred in one small area of the kitchen due to a defective valley gutter. 2 large porcelain sinks are badly chipped and replacement would be desirable for health reasons. Rainwater penetration in classrooms is obvious though by no means serious and can be remedied by normal gutter and roof repairs. Constant water penetration over a long period has damaged decorations to walls and ceilings in part of the primary school building though this is not serious. Perhaps it is not serious to the officials who compiled that report, but to the parents whose children go to this school it is regarded as extremely serious. I am sure that the Minister will agree that it is obvious that parents in the area are incensed at the conditions under which their children are taught.

With just a little luck, St. Anne's Primary School would have been rebuilt by now, but there were a series of unfortunate incidents. Originally a new school was detailed to be built in three phases. Phase one was an open plan infants' department. This has been built and was opened in September 1971. The great hope then was that phase two, a small hall and new kitchen, and phase three, a new junior department, would follow fairly quickly.

At that time, in 1971, the local education authority was the Cheshire County Council. One of the difficulties in this situation is the change with local government reorganisation, when this area was moved from Cheshire into the new Trafford local authority. I am told that in January 1973 the architects delivered plans by hand to Cheshire County Council. Then, as no action seemed to be forthcoming, inquiries were made in May 1973 and Cheshire County Council then claimed to have no knowledge at all of these plans. The plans were submitted immediately and were passed on to the Department of Education and Science with all possible haste.

I am also told that in June 1973 the plans were approved and the expectation was that tenders would go out in September 1973, and the hope was that work would start on the site in November 1973. But then in December 1973 we had the embargo on school construction. The architects who did the designs for the school suggested at that time to the managers of the school that a plea should be made on the ground of extenuating circumstances, and that plea was that but for the delay by the local education authority in submitting the sketch plans to the Department of Education and Science the school building would have received final approval before the application of the December 1973 circular which delayed consideration of final plans and which in turn resulted in the school building being deferred under the emergency financial resolution affecting replacement schools.

So 1973 was not a particularly lucky year for St. Anne's School, but now we are half way through 1975 and the situation has not improved. The children are taught in classrooms heated by coke stoves supplemented by storage heaters and electric fires. These classrooms are not the warmest of places on winter days. The children are taught in classrooms where many windows will not open or shut, and in places the windows are so rotten that window cleaners refuse to touch them. The children are taught in classrooms where rain comes through the roof and buckets are placed at strategic points. The children are taught in classrooms where water seeps down walls and where many doors have large gaps which give rise to draughts and heat loss. This is a school where, as I have already said, the toilet and kitchen facilities are far below standard. To listen to this description sounds like something out of a Charles Dickens novel, but this is 1975, and still these conditions persist.

I have here a letter dated 26th July 1974, written by the right hon. Member for Newham, North-East (Mr. Prentice) when he was still Secretary of State for Education and Science, and which gives an assurance to my predecessor, then Mr. Anthony Barber, Member of Parliament for Altrincham and Sale. In his letter from Elizabeth House, the right hon. Gentleman said: As you will know, under the terms of Circular 15/73, the project cannot be approved for a building start until after June 1975 at the earliest. That is perhaps one reasons why I applied for the Adjournment debate. We are now in July 1975. June is past. Perhaps now approval can be given for a start to be made on this project. The parent teachers' association has made great efforts. In 1969 the parents helped considerably to raise£2,000 as a contribution to the retrospective payments required by the Barchester Fund. Since then the association has contributed£80 annually towards the£295 a year paid by the Church for the rebuilding of the school. They feel that this money is like making mortgage payments on a building that does not exist.

Finally I call in aid a letter from Mr. T. J. Harper of the Schools Branch of the Department of Education and Science. This reads: A building start on the St. Anne's project will therefore have to be delayed until after June 1975, and it is not possible at present to say how soon thereafter work will begin. I can assure you, however, that we are fully aware of the need to replace the Junior Department and will arrange for the project to go forward as soon as circumstances permit. I hope that we shall have more hopeful news and that this saga, spread over several years, of hopes raised only to be dashed, will have a happy ending. There is a tremendous spirit in this school, and, despite the surroundings, the teachers do a magnificent job. It is a happy school which has achieved excellent educational results. People connected with this school have waited patiently for the go-ahead for the new building. I hope, therefore, that tonight the Minister will give a firm undertaking and thereby avoid any further delay and disappointment.

5.19 a.m.

The Under-Secretary of State for Education and Science (Miss Joan Lestor)

The hon. Member for Altrincham and Sale (Mr. Montgomery) has not exaggerated the conditions at the school. It is very old and has totally inadequate toilet facilities, substandard heating, lighting and ventilation, much structural decay, and other problems.

There has been much local pressure in recent years for its replacement and the hon. Member will be aware that a 120-place first instalment of a new seven-classroom school was approved as part of the 1970–71 aided minor works programme, administered at that time by the Department. This was opened in September 1971. It has been built on a site adjoining the existing school and accommodates those pupils of infant age.

The hon. Member will also know that a 160-place project intended to complete the new school was included in the major school building starts programme for 1973–74. Unfortunately the project could not proceed as planned because of the drastic cuts in educational expenditure for the years 1973–75 announced by the previous administration in December 1973.

The present Government, however, announced in July 1974 that there would, after all, be some resources made available for the replacement or improvement of a very limited number of primary schools during the building year which ran from 1st July 1974 to 30th June 1975. We were able to set aside only a very small reserve of money for this purpose and my right hon. Friend decided that it should be allocated only in respect of schools which served areas of social deprivation. Local authorities were invited to submit to the Department for consideration the names of schools which met the criteria and there was, not surprisingly, great competition for the small amount of money available. The Trafford Authority did not include St. Anne's, Sale, in its list of hopefuls, believing that this school did not meet the criteria required.

School building resources for the current-and-future programme years take the form of a lump sum authorisation to each local education authority, and authorities are able to decide for themselves their own priorities for spending the sums allocated. For 1975–76 Trafford has included only one major replacement project in its list of intended starters and this is for a primary school situated in Stretford, an area of undoubted social need as I am sure the hon. Gentleman will agree. The St. Anne's project was second only to that for the Stretford School and now becomes Trafford's top priority for replacement. The authority hopes that work can be carried out in the building year 1976–77, but this must, inevitably, depend on the level of resources available.

I cannot, I am afraid, say at present just what sums it will be possible to authorise for school building by local authorities in 1976–77; but my right hon. Friend intends to announce the allocations shortly and we shall, at the same time, be asking authorities to let us know how they intend to spend them.

I am sure that the hon. Gentleman, with whose constituents I have the greatest sympathy, is aware of the great restrictions that there are at present. It will be up to the authority to decide how it spends its money. We must leave it to the is replaced, it is the joint responsibility authority. Until such time as the school of the authority and the managers of the school to ensure that the health and safety of the pupils and staff are safeguarded and to take whatever steps are necessary to this end.

Division List No. 308 [see col. 1579]
Division No. 308.] AYES [7.0 p.m.
Allaun, Frank Dunnett, Jack Jones, Alec (Rhondda)
Anderson, Donald Dunwoody, Mrs Gwyneth Jones, Barry (East Flint)
Archer, Peter Eadie, Alex Jones, Dan (Burnley)
Armstrong, Ernest Edelman, Maurice Judd, Frank
Ashley, Jack Edge, Geoff Kaufman, Gerald
Atkins, Ronald (Preston N) Edwards, Robert (Wolv SE) Kelley, Richard
Atkinson, Norman Ellis, John (Brigg & Scun) Kerr, Russell
Bagier, Gordon A. T. Ellis, Tom (Wrexham) Kilroy-Silk, Robert
Barnett, Guy (Greenwich) English, Michael Kinnock, Neil
Barnett, Rt Hon Joel (Heywood) Ennals, David Lambie, David
Bean, R. E. Evans, Fred (Caerphilly) Lamborn, Harry
Benn, Rt Hon Anthony Wedgwood Evans, loan (Aberdare) Leadbitter, Ted
Bennett, Andrew (Stockport N) Evans, John (Newton) Lestor, Miss Joan (Eton & Slough)
Bidwell, Sydney Ewing, Harry (Stirling) Lever, Rt Hon Harold
Bishop, E. S. Faulds, Andrew Lewis, Arthur (Newham N)
Blenkinsop, Arthur Fernyhough, Rt Hon F. Lewis, Ron (Carlisle)
Boardman, H. Fitch, Alan (Wigan) Lipton, Marcus
Booth, Albert Flannery, Martin Lomas, Kenneth
Boothroyd, Miss Betty Fletcher, Raymond (Ilkeston) Loyden, Eddie
Bottomley, Rt Hon Arthur Fletcher, Ted (Darlington) Luard, Evan
Boyden, James (Bish Auck) Foot, Rt Hon Michael Lyon, Alexander (York)
Bradley, Tom Ford, Ben Lyons, Edward (Bradford W)
Broughton, Sir Alfred Forrester, John McCartney, Hugh
Brown, Hugh D. (Proyan) Fowler, Gerald (The Wrekin) McElhone, Frank
Brown, Robert C. (Newcastle W) Fraser, John (Lambeth Norwood) MacFarquhar, Roderick
Brown, Ronald (Hackney S) Freeson, Reginald McGuire, Michael (Ince)
Buchan, Norman Garrett, John (Norwich S) Mackenzie, Gregor
Buchanan, Richard Garrett, W. E. (Wallsend) Mackintosh, John P.
Butler, Mrs Joyce (Wood Green) George, Bruce Maclennan, Robert
Callaghan, Jim (Middleton & P) Gilbert, Dr John McMillan, Tom (Glasgow C)
Campbell, Ian Ginsburg, David McNamara, Kevin
Canavan, Dennis Golding, John Madden, Max
Cant, R. B. Gould, Bryan Magee, Bryan
Carmichael, Neil Gourlay, Harry Mahon, Simon
Carter, Ray Graham, Ted Mallalieu, J. P. W.
Cartwright, John Grant, George (Morpeth) Marks, Kenneth
Castle, Rt Hon Barbara Grant, John (Islington C) Marquand, David
Clemitson, Ivor Grocott, Bruce Marshall, Dr Edmund (Goole)
Cocks, Michael (Bristol S) Hamilton, James (Bothwell) Mason, Rt Hon Roy
Cohen, Stanley Hamilton, W. W. (Central Fife) Maynard, Miss Joan
Coleman, Donald Harrison, Walter (Wakefield) Meacher, Michael
Conlan, Bernard Hart, Rt Hon Judith Mellish, Rt Hon Robert
Cook, Robin F. (Edin C) Hattersley, Rt Hon Roy Mendelson, John
Corbett, Robin Hatton, Frank Mikardo, Ian
Cox, Thomas (Tooting) Hayman, Mrs Helene Millan, Bruce
Craigen, J. M. (Maryhill) Healey, Rt Hon Denis Miller, Dr M. S. (E Kilbride)
Crawshaw, Richard Heffer, Eric S. Miller, Mrs Millie (Ilford N)
Cronin, John Hooley, Frank Mitchell, R. C. (Solon, lichen)
Crosland, Rt Hon Anthony Horam, John Molloy, William
Cryer, Bob Howell, Denis (B'ham, Sm H) Moonman, Eric
Cunningham, G. (Islington S) Hoyle, Doug (Nelson) Morris, Alfred (Wythenshawe)
Cunningham, Dr J. (Whiteh) Huckfield, Les Morris, Charles R. (Openshaw)
Dalyell, Tam Hughes, Rt Hon C. (Anglesey) Morris, Rt Hon J. (Aberavon)
Davidson, Arthur Hughes, Mark (Durham) Mulley, Rt Hon Frederick
Davies Bryan (Enfield N) Hughes, Robert (Aberdeen N) Murray, Rt Hon Ronald King
Davies, Ifor (Gower) Hughes, Roy (Newport) Newens, Stanley
Davis, Clinton (Hackney C) Hunter, Adam Noble, Mike
Deakins, Eric Irvine, Rt Hon Sir A. (Edge Hill) Cakes, Gordon
Dean, Joseph (Leeds West) Irving, Rt Hon S. (Dartford) Ogden, Eric
de Freitas, Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Jackson, Colin (Brighouse) O'Halloran, Michael
Delargy, Hugh Jackson, Miss Margaret (Lincoln) O'Malley, Rt Hon Brian
Dell, Rt Hon Edmund Janner Greville Orbach, Maurice
Dempsey, James Jeger, Mrs Lena Orme, Rt Hon Stanley
Doig, Peter Jenkins, Hugh (Putney) Ovenden, John
Dormand, J. D. John, Brynmor Owen, Dr David
Douglas-Mann, Bruce Johnson, James (Hull West) Padley, Walter
Dunn, James A. Johnson, Walter (Derby S) Palmer, Arthur

I greatly hope that it will be possible for Trafford to give this matter top priority and to receive an allocation for it.

Question put and agreed to.

Adjourned accordingly at twenty-three minutes past Five o'clock a.m.

Park, George Shore, Rt Hon Peter Urwin, T. W.
Parker, John Short, Rt Hon E. (Newcastle C) Varley, Rt Hon Eric G.
Parry, Robert Short, Mrs Renée (Wolv NE) Wainwright, Edwin (Dearne V)
Pavitt, Laurie Silkin, Rt Hon John (Dept(ord) Walden, Brian (B'ham, L'dyw'd)
Peart, Rt Hon Fred Silkin, Rt Hon S. C. (Dulwich) Walker, Harold (Doncaster)
Pendry, Tom Sillars, James Walker, Terry (Kingswood)
Perry, Ernest Silverman, Julius Watkins, David
Phipps, Dr Colin Skinner, Dennis Watkinson, John
Prescott, John Small, William Weetch, Ken
Price, C. (Lewisham W) Smith, John (N Lanarkshire) Weitzman, David
Price, William (Rugby) Snape, Peter Wellbeloved, James
Radice, Giles Spearing, Nigel White, Frank R. (Bury)
Rees, Rt Hon Merlyn (Leeds S) Spriggs, Leslie White, James (Pollok)
Richardson, Miss Jo Stallard, A. W. Whitehead, Phillip
Roberts, Albert (Normanton) Stott, Roger Whitlock, William
Roberts, Gwilym (Cannock) Strang, Gavin Wigley, Dafydd
Robertson, John (Paisley) Strauss, Rt Hon G. R. Willey, Rt Hon Frederick
Roderick, Caerwyn Summerskill, Hon Dr Shirley Williams, Alan (Swansea W)
Rodgers, George (Chorley) Swain, Thomas Williams, Alan Lee (Hornch'ch)
Rodgers, William (Stockton) Taylor, Mrs A. Williams, Rt Hon Shirley (Hertford)
Rooker, J. W. Thomas, Dafydd Williams, W. T. (Warrington)
Roper, John Thomas, Jeffrey (Abertillery) Wilson, Alexander (Hamilton)
Rose, Paul B. Thomas, Mike (Newcastle E) Wilson, William (Coventry SE)
Ross, Rt Hon W. (Kilmarnock) Thomas, Ron (Bristol NW) Wise, Mrs Audrey
Rowlands, Ted Thorne, Stan (Preston South) Woof, Robert
Ryman, John Tierney, Sydney Wrigglesworth, Ian
Sandelson, Neville Tinn, James Young, David (Bolton E)
Sedgemore, Brian Tomlinson, John
Selby, Harry Tomney, Frank TELLERS FOR THE AYES
Shaw, Arnold (Ilford South) Torney, Tom Mr. Joseph Harper and
Sheldon, Robert (Ashton-u-Lyne) Tuck, Raphael Mr. David Stoddart.
Adley, Robert Douglas-Hamilton, Lord James Harvie Anderson, Rt Hon Miss
Aitken, Jonathan Drayson, Burnaby Havers, Sir Michael
Alison, Michael du Cann, Rt Hon Edward Hawkins. Paul
Amery, Rt Hon Julian Dunlop, John Hayhoe, Barney
Arnold, Tom Durant, Tony Henderson, Douglas
Atkins, Rt Hon H. (Spelthorne) Dykes, Hugh Heseltine Michael
Awdry, Daniel Eden, Rt Hon Sir John Hicks, Robert
Bain, Mrs Margaret Edwards, Nicholas (Pembroke) Holland, Philip
Baker, Kenneth Elliott, Sir William Hooson, Emlyn
Banks, Robert Emery, Peter Hordern, Peter
Beith, A. J. Ewing, Mrs Winifred (Moray) Howe, Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey
Bell, Ronald Eyre, Reginald Howell, David (Guildford)
Benyon, W. Fairbairn, Nicholas Howell, Ralph (North Norfolk)
Berry, Hon Anthony Fairgrieve, Russell Howells, Geraint (Cardigan)
Bitten, John Farr, John Hunt, John
Biggs-Davison, John Fell, Anthony Hurd, Douglas
Blaker, Peter Finsberg, Geoffrey Hutchison, Michael Clark
Body, Richard Fisher, Sir Nigel Irvine, Bryant Godman (Rye)
Boscawen, Hon Robert Fletcher, Alex (Edinburgh N) Irving, Charles (Cheltenham)
Bottomley, Peter Fletcher-Cooke, Charles James, David
Bowden, A. (Brighton, Kemptown) Fookes, Miss Janet Jenkin, Rt Hon P. (Wanst'd & W'df'd)
Boyson, Dr Rhodes (Brent) Fowler, Norman (Sutton C'f'd) Jessel, Toby
Brittan, Leon Fox, Marcus Johnson Smith, G. (E Grinstead)
Brotherton, Michael Freud, Clement Johnston, Russell (Inverness)
Brown, Sir Edward (Bath) Fry, Peter Jones, Arthur (Daventry)
Bryan, Sir Paul Galbraith, Hon. T. G. D. Jopling, Michael
Buchanan-Smith, Alick Gardiner, George (Reigate) Joseph, Rt Hon Sir Keith
Buck, Antony Gardner, Edward (S Fylde) Kaberry, Sir Donald
Budgen, Nick Gilmour, Rt Hon Ian (Chesham) Kellett-Bowman, Mrs Elaine
Bulmer, Esmond Gilmour, Sir John (East Fife) Kershaw, Anthony
Carlisle, Mark Glyn, Dr Alan Kimball, Marcus
Carr, Rt Hon Robert Godber, Rt Hon Joseph King, Evelyn (South Dorset)
Chalker, Mrs Lynda Goodhart, Philip King, Tom (Bridgwater)
Channon, Paul Goodhew, Victor Kirk, Peter
Churchill, W. S. Goodlad, Alastair Knight, Mrs Jill
Clark, Alan (Plymouth, Sutton) Gorst, John Knox, David
Clark, William (Croydon S) Gow, Ian (Eastbourne) Lamont, Norman
Clarke, Kenneth (Rushcliffe) Gower, Sir Raymond (Barry) Lane, David
Clegg, Walter Grant, Anthony (Harrow C) Langford-Holt, Sir John
Cockcroft, John Gray Hamish Latham, Michael (Melton)
Cooke, Robert (Bristol W) Grieve, Percy Lawrence, Ivan
Cope,John Griffiths, Eldon Lawson, Nigel
Cordle, John H. Grimond, Rt Hon J. Le Marchant, Spencer
Cormack, Patrick Grist, Ian Lewis, Kenneth (Rutland)
Corrie, John Grylls, Michael Lloyd, Ian
Costain, A. P. Hall, Sir John Loveridge, John
Crawford, Douglas Hall-Davis, A. G. F. Luce, Richard
Crouch, David Hamilton, Michael (Salisbury) McAdden, Sir Stephen
Crowder, F. P. Hampson, Dr Keith MacCormick, lain
Davies, Rt Hon J. (Knutsford) Hannam, John McCrindle, Robert
Dean, Paul (N Somerset) Harrison, Col Sir Harwood (Eye) Macfarlane, Neil
MacGregor, John Prior, Rt Hon James Stanley, John
Macmillan, Rt Hon M. (Farnham) Pym, Rt Hon Francis Steel, David (Roxburgh)
McNair-Wilson, M. (Newbury) Raison, Timothy Steen, Anthony (Wavertree)
McNair-Wilson, P. (New Forest) Rathbone, Tim Stewart, Donald (Western Isles)
Madel, David Rawlinson, Rt Hon Sir Peter Stewart, Ian (Hitchin)
Marshall, Michael (Arundel) Rees, Peter (Dover & Deal) Stokes, John
Marten, Neil Rees-Davies, W. R. Stradling Thomas, J.
Mates, Michael Reid, George Tapsell, Peter
Mather, Carol Renton, Rt Hon Sir D. (Hunts) Taylor, R. (Croydon NW)
Maude, Angus Renton, Tim (Mid-Sussex) Taylor, Teddy (Cathcart)
Mawby, Ray Rhys Williams, Sir Brandon Tebbit, Norman
Maxwell-Hyslop, Robin Ridley, Hon Nicholas Temple-Morris, Peter
Mayhew, Patrick Ridsdale, Julian Thatcher, Rt Hon Margaret
Meyer, Sir Anthony Rifkind, Malcolm Thomas, Rt Hon P. (Hendon S)
Miller, Hal (Bromsgrove) Rippon, Rt Hon Geoffrey Thompson, George
Mills, Peter Roberts, Michael (Cardiff NW) Thorpe, Rt Hon Jeremy (N Devon)
Miscampbell, Norman Roberts, Wyn (Conway) Townsend, Cyril D.
Mitchell, David (Basingstoke) Rodgers, Sir John (Sevenoaks) Trotter, Neville
Moate, Roger Ross, Stephen (Isle of Wight) Tugendhat, Christopher
Monro, Hector Rossi, Hugh (Hornsey) van Straubenzee, W. R.
Montgomery, Fergus Rost, Peter (SE Derbyshire) Vaughan, Dr Gerard
Moore, John (Croydon C) Royle, Sir Anthony Viggers, Peter
More, Jasper (Ludlow) Seinsbury, Tim Wainwright, Richard (Colne V)
Morgan, Geraint St. John-Stevas, Norman Wakeham, John
Morgan-Giles, Rear-Admiral Scott, Nicholas Walker-Smith, Rt Hon Sir Derek
Morris, Michael (Northampton S) Shaw, Giles (Pudsey) Wall, Patrick
Morrison, Charles (Devizes) Shaw, Michael (Scarborough) Walters, Dennis
Morrison, Hon Peter (Chester) Shelton, William (Streatham) Warren, Kenneth
Mudd, David Shepherd, Colin Watt, Hamish
Nelson, Anthony Shersby, Michael Weatherill, Bernard
Neubert, Michael Silvester, Fred Wells, John
Newton, Tony Sims, Roger Whitelaw, Rt Hon William
Normanton, Tom Sinclair, Sir George Wiggin, Jerry
Nott, John Skeet, T. H. H. Wilson, Gordon (Dundee E)
Oppenheim, Mrs Sally Smith, Cyril (Rochdale) Winterton, Nicholas
Page, John (Harrow West) Smith, Dudley (Warwick) Wood, Rt Hon Richard
Page, Rt Hon R. Graham (Crosby) Speed, Keith Young, Sir G. (Ealing, Acton)
Pattie, Geoffrey Spence, John Younger, Hon George
Penhaligon, David Spicer, Jim (W Dorset)
Percival, Ian Spicer, Michsel (S Worcester) TELLERS FOR THE NOES-
Peyton, Rt Hon John Sproat, lain Mr. Adam Butler and
Pink, R. Bonner Stainton, Keith Mr. Cecil Parkinson.
Price, David (Eastleigh) Stanbrook, Ivor
Division Lists Nos. 309–11 [see cols. 1642 and 1707.]
Division No. 309] AYES 10.30 p.m.
Adley, Robert Cooke, Robert (Bristol W) Goodlad, Alastair
Alison, Michael Cope, John Gorst, John
Amery, Rt Hon Julian Cormack, Patrick Gow, Ian (Eastbourne)
Arnold, Tom Crouch, David Gower, Sir Raymond (Barry)
Awdry, Daniel Crowder, F. P. Grant, Anthony (Harrow C)
Bain, Mrs Margaret Davies, Rt Hon J. (Knutsford) Gray, Hamish
Baker, Kenneth Dean, Paul (N Somerset) Grieve, Percy
Banks, Robert Douglas-Hamilton, Lord James Griffiths, Eldon
Benyon, W. Drayson, Burnaby Grimond, Rt Hon J.
Berry, Hon Anthony Dunlop, John Grist, Ian
Biffen, John Durant, Tony Grylls, Michael
Biggs-Davison, John Dykes, Hugh Hall-Davis, A. G. F.
Blaker, Peter Eden, Rt Hon Sir John Hamilton, Michael (Salisbury)
Boscawen, Hon Robert Edwards, Nicholas (Pembroke) Hampson, Dr. Keith
Bottomley, Rt Hon Arthur Elliott, Sir William Hannam, John
Bottomley, Peter Emery, Peter Harrison, Col Sir Harwood (Eye)
Bowden, A. (Brighton, Kemplown) Eyre, Reginald Harvie Anderson, Rt Hon Miss
Boyson, Dr Rhodes (Brent) Fairbairn, Nicholas Havers, Sir Michael
Bradford, Rev Robert Fairgrieve, Russell Hawkins, Paul
Brittan, Leon Farr, John Hayhoe, Barney
Brotherton, Michael Fell, Anthony Henderson, Douglas
Brown, Sir Edward (Bath) Finsberg, Geoffrey Heseltine, Michael
Bryan, Sir Paul Fletcher, Alex (Edinburgh N) Hicks, Robert
Buchanan-Smith, Alick Fletcher-Cooke, Charles Holland, Philip
Buck, Antony Fookes, Miss Janet Hordern, Peter
Budgen, Nick Fowler, Norman (Sutton C'f'd) Howe, Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey
Bulmer, Esmond Fox, Marcus Howell, David (Guildford)
Butler, Adam (Bosworth) Freud, Clement Howell, Ralph (North Norfolk)
Carlisle, Mark Fry, Peter Howells, Geraint
Carr, Rt Hon Robert Galbraith, Hon. T. G. D. Hunt, John
Carson, John Gardiner, George (Reigate) Hurd, Douglas
Chalker, Mrs Lynda Gardner, Edward (S Fylde) Hutchison, Michael Clark
Clark, Alan (Plymouth, Sutton) Gilmour, Sir John (East Fife) Irvine, Bryant Godman (Rye)
Clark, William (Croydon S) Glyn, Dr Alan Irving, Charles (Cheltenham)
Clarke, Kenneth (Rushcliffe) Goodhart, Philip James, David
Cockcroft, John Goodhew, Victor Jenkin, Rt Hon P. (Wanst'd & W'df'd)
Jessel, Toby Monro, Hector Silvester, Fred
Johnson Smith, G. (E Grinstead) Montgomery, Fergus Sims, Roger
Johnston, Russell (Inverness) Moore, John (Croydon C) Sinclair, Sir George
Jopling, Michael More, Jasper (Ludlow) Smith, Dudley (Warwick)
Kaberry, Sir Donald Morgan-Giles, Rear-Admiral Speed, Keith
Kellett-Bowman, Mrs Elaine Morris, Michael (Northampton S) Spicer, Jim (W Dorset)
Kershaw, Anthony Morrison, Charles (Devizes) Spicer, Michael (S Worcester)
Kilfedder, James Morrison. Hon Peter (Chester) Sproat, lain
Kimball, Marcus Nelson, Anthony Stainton, Keith
King, Evelyn (South Dorset) Neubert, Michael Stanbrook, Ivor
King, Tom (Bridgwater) Newton, Tony Stanley, John
Kirk, Peter Normanton, Tom Steel, David (Roxburgh)
Knight, Mrs Jill Nott, John Steen, Anthony (Wavertree)
Knox, David Oppenheim, Mrs Sally Stewart, Donald (Western Isles)
Lamont, Norman Page, John (Harrow West) Stewart, Ian (Hitchln)
Lane, David Page, Rt Hon R. Graham (Crosby) Stokes, John
Langford-Holt, Sir John Parkinson, Cecil Stradling Thomas, J.
Latham, Michael (Melton) Pattie, Geoffrey Taylor, R. (Croydon, NW)
Lawrence, Ivan Penhaligon, David Taylor, Teddy (Cathcart)
Lawson, Nigel Percival, Ian Tebbit, Norman
Le Marchant, Spencer Peyton, Rt Hon John Temple-Morris, Peter
Lewis, Kenneth (Rutland) Pink, R. Bonner Thomas, Rt Hon P. (Hendon S)
Loveridge, John Powell, Rt Hon J. Enoch Thorpe, Rt Hon Jeremy (N Devon)
Luce, Richard Price, David (Eastleigh) Townsend, Cyril D.
McAdden, Sir Stephen Prior, Rt Hon James Trotter, Neville
McCrindle, Robert Pym, Rt Hon Francis Tugendhat, Christopher
McCusker, H. Raison, Timothy van Straubenzee, W. R.
Macfarlane, Neil Rathbone, Tim Vaughan, Dr Gerard
MacGregor, John Rawlinson, Rt Hon Sir Peter Viggers, Peter
McNair-Wilson, M. (Newbury) Rees, Peter (Dover & Deal) Wainwright, Richard (Colne V)
Wakeham, John
McNair-Wilson, P. (New Forest) Reid, George Walker-Smith, Rt Hon Sir Derek
Madel, David Renton, Rt Hon Sir D. (Hunts) Wall, Patrick
Marshall, Michael (Arundel) Renton, Tim (Mid-Sussex) Walters, Dennis
Marten, Neil Rhys Williams, Sir Brandon Warren, Kenneth
Mates, Michael Ridley, Hon Nicholas Watt, Hamish
Mather, Carol Ridsdale, Julian Weatherill, Bernard
Maude, Angus Rifkind, Malcolm Wells, John
Mawby, Ray Roberts, Michael (Cardiff NW) Wiggin, Jerry
Maxwell-Hyslop, Robin Roberts, Wyn (Conway) Wilson, Gordon (Dundee E)
Mayhew, Patrick Ross, Stephen (Isle of Wight) Wintorton, Nicholas
Meyer, Sir Anthony Rossi, Hugh (Hornsey) Wood, Rt Hon Richard
Miller, Hal (Bromsgrove) Rost, Peter (SE Derbyshire) Young, Sir G. (Ealing, Acton)
Mills, Peter Sainsbury, Tim Younger, Hon George
Miscampbell, Norman Shaw, Giles (Pudsey)
Mitchell, David (Basingstoke) Shaw, Michael (Scarborough) TELLERS FOR THE AYES:
Moate, Roger Shepherd, Colin Mr. Cyril Smith and
Molyneaux, James Shersby, Michael M. A. J. Beith.
Allaun, Frank Castle, Rt Hon Barbara Eadie, Alex
Anderson, Donald Clemitson, Ivor Edelman, Maurice
Archer, Peter Cocks, Michael (Bristol, S) Edge, Geoff
Armstrong, Ernest Cohen, Stanley Edwards, Robert (Wolv SE)
Atkins, Ronald (Preston N) Coleman, Donald Ellis, John (Brigg & Scun)
Atkinson, Norman Conlan, Bernard Ellis, Tom (Wrexham)
Bagier, Gordon A. T. Cook, Robin F. (Edin C) English, Michael
Barnett, Guy (Greenwich) Corbett, Robin Ennals, David
Harnett, Rt Hon Joel (Heywood) Cox, Thomas (Tooting) Evans, loan (Aberdare)
Bean, R. E. Craigen, J. M. (Maryhill) Evans, John (Newton)
Benn, Rt Hon Anthony Wedgwood Crawshaw, Richard Ewing, Harry (Stirling)
Bennett, Andrew (Stockport N) Cronin, John Faulds, Andrew
Bidwell, Sydney Crosland, Rt Hon Anthony Fernyhough, Rt Hon E.
Bishop, E. S. Cryer, Bob Flannery, Martin
Blenkinsop, Arthur Cunningham, G. (Islington S) Fletcher, Raymond (Ilkeston)
Boardman, H. Cunningham, Dr J. (Whiteh.) Fletcher, Ted (Darlington)
Booth, Albert Dalyell, Tam Foot, Rt Hon Michael
Boothroyd, Miss Betty Davidson, Arthur Ford, Ben
Bottomley, Rt Hon Arthur Davies, Bryan (Enfield N) Forrester, John
Boyden, James (Bish Auck) Davies, Ifor (Gower) Fowler, Gerald (The Wrekin)
Bradley, Tom Davis, Clinton (Hackney C) Fraser, John (Lambeth, N'wd)
Brown, Hugh D. (Provan) Deakins, Eric Freeson, Reginald
Brown, Robert C. (Newcastle W) Dean, Joseph (Leeds West) Garrett, John (Norwich S)
Brown, Ronald (Hackney S) de Freitas, Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Garrett, W. E. (Wallsend)
Buchan, Norman Delargy, Hugh George, Bruce
Buchanan, Richard Dell, Rt Hon Edmund Ginsburg, David
Butler, Mrs Joyce (Haringey) Dempsey, James Golding, John
Callaghan, Jim (Middleton & P.) Campbell Ian Doig, Peter Gould, Bryan
Canavan, Dennis Dormand, J. D. Gourlay, Harry
Cant, R.B. Douglas-Mann, Bruce Graham, Ted
Carmichael, Neil Dunn, James A. Grant, George (Morpeth)
Carter, Ray Dunnett, Jack Grant, John (Islington C)
Cartwright, John Dunwoody, Mrs Gwyneth Grocott, Bruce
Hamilton, James (Bothwell) Magee, Bryan Short, Rt Hon E. (Newcastle C)
Hamilton, W. W. (Central File) Mahon, Simon Short, Mrs Renée (Wolv NE)
Harrison, Walter (Wakefield) Mallalieu, J. P. W. Silkin, Rt Hon John (Deptford)
Hart, Rt Hon Judith Marks, Kenneth Silkin, Rt Hon S. C. (Dulwich)
Hatton, Frank Marquand, David Sillars, James
Hayman, Mrs Helena Marshall, Dr Edmund (Goole) Silverman, Julius
Healey, Rt Hon Denis Mason, Rt Hon Roy Skinner, Dennis
Heffer, Eric S. Meacher, Michael Small, William
Hooley, Frank Mellish, Rt Hon Robert Smith, John (N Lanarkshire)
Horam, John Millan, Bruce Snape, Peter
Howell, Denis (B'ham, Sm H) Miller, Dr M. S. (E Kilbride) Spearing, Nigel
Hoyle, Doug (Nelson) Miller, Mrs Millie (Iltord N) Spriggs, Leslie
Huckfield, Les Mitchell, R. C. (Soton, Itchen) Stallard, A. W.
Hughes, Rt Hon C. (Anglesey) Molloy, William Stoddart, David
Hughes, Mark (Durham) Moonman, Eric Stott, Roger
Hughes, Robert (Aberdeen N) Morris, Alfred (Wythenshawe) Strang, Gavin
Hughes, Roy (Newport) Morris, Charles R. (Openshaw) Strauss, Rt Hon G. R.
Hunter, Adam Morris, Rt Hon J. (Aberavon) Summerskill, Hon Dr Shirley
Irvine, Rt Hon Sir A. (Edge Hill) Mulley, Rt Hon Frederick Swain, Thomas
Irving, Rt Hon S. (Dartford) Murray, Rt Hon Ronald King Taylor, Mrs Ann (Bolton, W)
Jackson, Colin (Brighouse) Newons, Stanley Thomas, Jeffrey (Abertillery)
Jackson, Miss Margaret (Lincoln) Noble, Mike Thomas, Mike (Newcastle E)
Janner, Greville Oakes, Gordon Thomas, Ron (Bristol, NW)
Jeger, Mrs Lena Ogden, Eric Thorne, Stan (Preston South)
Jenkins, Hugh (Putney) O'Halloran, Michael Tierney, Sydney
John, Brynmor O'Malley, Rt Hon Brian Tinn, James
Johnson, James (Hull West) Orbach, Maurice Tomlinson, John
Johnson, Walter (Derby S) Ovenden, John Tomney, Frank
Jones, Alec (Rhondda) Owen, Dr David Urwin, T. W.
Jones, Barry (East Flint) Padley, Walter Varley, Rt Hn Eric G.
Jones, Dan (Burnley) Palmer, Arthur Wainwright, Edwin (Dearne V)
Judd, Frank Park, George Walden, Brian (B'ham, L'dyw'd)
Kaufman, Gerald Parker, John Walker, Harold (Doncaster)
Kelley, Richard Parry, Robert Walker, Terry (Kingswood)
Kerr, Russell Peart, Rt Hon Fred Watkins, David
Kilroy-Silk, Robert Pendry, Tom Watkinson, John
Kinnock, Neil Phipps, Dr Colin Weetch, Ken
Lambie, David Prescott, John Weitzman, David
Lamborn, Harry Price, C. (Lewisham W) Wellbeloved, James
Leadbitter, Ted Price, William (Rugby) White, Frank R. (Bury)
Lee, John Radice, Giles White, James (Pollok)
Lestor, Miss Joan (Eton & Slough) Roberts, Albert (Normanton) Whitehead, Phillip
Lewis, Ron (Carlisle) Roberts, Gwilym (Cannock) Whitlock, William
Lomas, Kenneth Roderick, Caerwyn Willey, Rt Hon Frederick
Loyden, Eddie Rodgers, George (Chorley) Williams, Alan (Swansea W)
Luard, Evan Rodgers, William (Stockton) Williams, Alan Lee (Hornch'ch)
Lyons, Edward (Bradford, W) Rooker, J. W. Williams, Rt Hon Shirley (Hertford)
McCartney, Hugh Roper John Wilson, Alexander (Hamilton)
McElhone, Frank Rose, Paul B. Wilson, William (Coventry S.E.)
MacFarquhar, Roderick Ross, Rt Hon W. (Kilmarnock) Woof, Robert
McGuire, Michael (Ince) Rowlands, Ted Wrigglesworth, Ian
Mackenzie, Gregor Ryman, John Young, David (Bolton E)
Mackintosh, John P. Sandelson, Neville
Maclennan, Robert Sedgemore, Brian TELLERS FOR THE NOES
McMillan, Tom (Glasgow C) Shaw, Arnold (Ilford South) Mr. Joseph Harper and
McNamara, Kevin Sheldon, Robert (Ashton-u-Lyne) Mr. Laurie Pavitt.
Madden, Max Shore, Rt Hon Peter
Division No. 310.] AYES [12.25 a.m.
Adley, Robert Carlisle, Mark Fairgrieve, Russell
Alison, Michael Carr, Rt Hon Robert Farr, John
Amery, Rt Hon Julian Carson, John Finsberg, Geoffrey
Arnold, Tom Chalker, Mrs Lynda Fisher, Sir Nigel
Awdry, Daniel Clark, Alan (Plymouth, Sutton) Fletcher Alex (Edinburgh N)
Baker, Kenneth Clark, William (Croydon S) Fowler, Norman (Sutton C'f'd)
Banks, Robert Cockcroft, John Fox, Marcus
Berry, Hon Anthony Cooke, Robert (Bristol W) Fry, Peter
Bitten, John Cope, John Galbraith, Hon. T. G. D.
Biggs-Davison, John Cormack Patrick Gardiner, George (Reigate)
Blaker, Peter Crouch, David Gilmour, Sir John (East Fife)
Boscawen, Hon Robert Davies, Rt Hon J. (Knutsford) Glyn Dr Alan
Bottomley, Peter Dean, Paul (N Somerset) Goodhart, Philip
Bowden, A. (Brighton, Kempton) Douglas-Hamilton, Lord James Goodhew, Victor
Boyson, Dr Rhodes (Brent) Drayson, Burnaby Goodlad, Alastair
Bradford, Rev Robert Dunlop, John Gorst, John
Brittan, Leon Durant, Tony Gow, Ian (Eastbourne)
Brotherton, Michael Dykes, Hugh Gower, Sir Raymond (Barry)
Brown, Sir Edward (Bath) Eden, Rt Hon Sir John Grant, Anthony (Harrow C)
Bryan, Sir Paul Edwards, Nicholas (Pembroke) Gray, Hamish
Buchanan-Smith, Alick Elliott, Sir William Grieve, Percy
Buck, Antony Emery, Peter Griffiths, Eldon
Bulmer, Esmond Eyre, Reginald Grist, Ian
Butler, Adam (Bosworth) Fairbairn, Nicholas Grylls, Michael
Hall-Davis, A. G. F. Mfarten, Neil Rost, Peter (SE Derbyshire)
Hamilton, Michael (Salisbury) Mates, Michael Sainsbury, Tim
Hampson Or Keith Mather, Carol St. John-Stevas, Norman
Hannam, John Maude, Angus Shaw, Giles (Pudsey)
Harrison, Col Sir Harwood (Eye) Maxwell-Hysfop, Robin Shaw, Michael (Scarborough)
Harvie Anderson, Rt Hon Miss Mayhew, Patrick Shepherd, Colin
Havers, Sir Michael Meyer, Sir Anthony Shersby, Michael
Hawkins, Paul Miller, Hal (Bromsgrove) Silvester, Fred
Hayhoe, Barney Mills, Peter Sims, Roger
Henderson, Douglas Miscampbell, Norman Smith, Cyril (Rochdale)
Heseltine, Michael Mitchell, David (Basingstoke) Smith, Dudley (Warwick)
Hicks, Robert Moate, Roger Speed, Keith
Holland, Philip Molyneaux, James Spicer, Jim (W Dorset)
Hordern, Peter Monro, Hector Spicer, Michael (S Worcester)
Howe, Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Montgomery, Fergus Sproat, lain
Howell David (Guildford) Moore, John (Croydon C) Stainton, Keith
Howell, Ralph(North Norfolk) More, Jasper (Ludlow) Stanbrook, Ivor
Hunt, John Morgan-Giles, Rear-Admiral Stanley, John
Hurd Douglas Morris, Michael (Northampton S) Steen, Anthony (Wavertrea)
Hutchison, Michael Clark Morrison, Charles (Devizes) Stewart, Ian (Hitchin)
Irvine, Bryant Godman (Rye) Morrison, Hon Peter (Chester) Stokes, John
Irving, Charles (Cheltenham) Nelson, Anthony Stradling Thomas, J.
James, David Neubert, Michael Taylor, Teddy (Cathcart)
Jenkin, Rt Hon P. (Wanst'd & W'dt'd) Newton, Tony Tebbit, Norman
Jessel, Toby Normanton, Tom Temple-Morris, Peter
Jopling, Michael Nott, John Thomas, Rt Hon P. (Hendon S)
Kellett-Bowman, Mrs Elaine Oppenheim, Mrs Sally Townsend, Cyril D.
Kimball, Marcus Page, John (Harrow West) Trotter, Neville
King, Evelyn (South Dorset) Page, Rt Hon R. Graham (Crosby) Tugendhat, Christopher
King, Tom (Bridgwater) Parkinson, Cecil van Straubenzee, W. R.
Kirk, Peter Pattie, Geoffrey Vaughan, Dr Gerard
Knight, Mrs Jill Percival, Ian Viggers, Peter
Knox, David Peyton, Rt Hon John Wakeham, John
Lamont, Norman Pink, R. Bonner Walker-Smith, Rt Hon Sir Derek
Lane, David Powell, Rt Hon J. Enooh Wall, Patrick
Langford-Holt, Sir John Price, David (Eastleigh) Walters, Dennis
Latham, Michael (Melton) Prior, Rt Hon James Warren, Kenneth
Lawrence, Ivan Pym, Rt Hon Francis Watt, Hamish
Lawson, Nigel Raison, Timothy Weatherill, Bernard
Le Marchant, Spencer Rathbone,Tim Wells, John
Loveridge, John Rawlinson, Rt Hon Sir Peter Wiggin, Jerry
Luce, Richard Rees, Peter (Dover & Deal) Wilson, Gordon (Dundee E)
McCrindle, Robert Ronton, Rt Hon Sir D. (Hunts) Winterton, Nicholas
McCusker, H. Rhys Williams, Sir Brandon Wood, Rt Hon Richard
Macfarlane, Neil Ridley, Hon Nicholas Young, Sir G. (Ealing, Acton)
MacGregor, John Ridsdale, Julian Younger, Hon George
McNair-Wilson, M. (Newbury) Rifkind, Malcolm
McNair-Wilson, P. (New Forest) Roberts, Wyn (Conway) TELLERS FOR THE AYES:
Marshall, Michael (Arundel) Rossi, Hugh (Hornsey) Mr. Michael Roberts and
Mr. W. Benyon.
Allaun, Frank Cant, R. B. Dempsey, James
Anderson, Donald Carmichael, Neil Doig, Peter
Archer, Peter Carter, Ray Dormand, J. D.
Armstrong, Ernest Cartwright, John Douglas-Mann, Bruce
Atkins, Ronald (Preston N) Castle, Rt Hon Barbara Dunn, James A.
Atkinson, Norman Clemitson, Ivor Dunnett, Jack
Bagier, Gordon A. T. Cocks, Michael (Bristol S) Dunwoody, Mrs Gwyneth
Barnett, Guy (Greenwich) Cohen, Stanley Eadie, Alex
Barnett, Rt Hon Joel Coleman, Donald Edge, Geoff
Bean, R. E. Conlan, Bernard Ellis, John (Brigg, Scun)
Benn, Rt Hon Anthony Wedgwood Cook, Robin F. (Edin C) Ellis, Tom (Wrexham)
Bennett, Andrew(Stockport N) Corbett, Robin English, Michael
Bidwell, Sydney Cox, Thomas (Tooting) Ennals, David
Bishop, E. S. Craigen, J. M. (Maryhill) Evans, loan (Aberdare)
Blenkinsop, Arthur Crawshaw, Richard Evans, John (Newton)
Boardman, H. Cronin, John Ewing, Harry (Stirling)
Booth, Albert Crosland, Rt Hon Anthony Femyhough, Rt Hon E.
Boothroyd, Miss Betty Cryer, Bob Flannery, Martin
Bottomley, Rt Hon Arthur Cunningham, G. (Islington S) Fletcher, Raymond (Ilkeston)
Boyden, James (Bish Auck) Cunningham, Dr J. (Whiten) Fletcher, Ted (Darlington)
Bradley, Tom Dalyell, Tam Foot, Rt Hon Michael
Brown, Hugh D. (Proban) Davidson, Arthur Ford, Ben
Brown, Robert C. (Newcastle W) Davies, Bryan (Enfield N) Forrester, John
Brown, Ronald (Hackney S) Davies, Ifor (Gower) Fowler, Gerald (Wrekin)
Buchan,Norman Davis, Clinton (Hackney C) Fraser, John (Lambeth, N'w'd)
Buchanan, Richard Deakins, Eric Freeson, Reginald
Butler, Mrs Joyce (Wood Green) Dean, Joseph (Leeds, W) Garrett, John (Norwich S)
Callaghan, Jim (Middleton & P) de Freitas, Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Garrett, W. E. (Wallsend)
Campbell, Ian Delargy, Hugh George, Bruce
Canavan, Dennis Deli, Rt Hon Edmund Ginsburg, David
Golding John McNamsra, Kevin Shaw, Arnold (Ilford South)
Gould, Bryan Maddan, Max Sheldon, Robert (Ashton-u-Lyne)
Gourlay, Harry Magee, Bryan Shore, Rt Hon Peter
Graham, Ted Mahon, Simon Short, Mrs Renée (Wolv NE)
Grant, George (Morpeth) Mallalieu, J. P. W. Silkin, Rt Hon John (Deptford)
Grant John (Islington C) Marks, Kenneth Silkin, Rt Hon S. C. (Dulwich)
Grocott, Bruce Marquand, David Sillars, James
Harper, Joseph Marshall, Dr Edmund (Goole) Silverman, Julius
Harrison, Waiter (Waketfield) Meacher, Michael Skinner, Dennis
Hart, Rt Hon Judith Mellish, Rt Hon Robert Small, William
Hatton, Frank Mikardo, Ian Smith, John (N Lanarkshire)
Hayman Mrs Herene Millan, Bruce Snape, Peter
Healey, 'Rt Hon Denis Miller, Dr M. S. (E Kilbride) Spearing, Nigel
Heffer, Eric S. Miller, Mrs Millie (Ilford N) Spriggs, Leslie
Hooley, Frank Mitchell. R. C. (Ston, Itchen) Stallard, A. W.
Horam, John Molloy, William Stoddart, David
Howell, Denis (B'ham, Sm H) Moorman, Eric Stott, Roger
Hoyle, Doug (Nelson) Morris, Alfred (Wythenshawe) Strang, Gavin
Huckfield, Les Morris, Charles R. (Openshaw) Strauss, Rt Hon G. R.
Hughes, Rt Hon C. (Anglesey) Morris, Rt Hon J. (Aberavon) Summerskill, Hon Dr Shirley
Hughes, Mark (Durham) Mulley, Rt Hon Frederick Swain, Thomas
Hughes, Robert (Aberdeen N) Murray, Rt Hon Ronald King Taylor, Mrs Ann (Bolton W)
Hughes, Roy (Newport) Newens, Stanley Thomas, Mike (Newcastle E)
Hunter, Adam Noble. Mike Thomas, Ron (Bristol NW)
Irving, Rt Hon S. (Dartford) Oakes, Gordon Thorne, Stan (Preston South)
Jackson, Colin (Brighouse) Ogden, Eric Tierney, Sydney
Jackson, Miss Margaret (Lincoln) O'Halloran, Michael Tinn, James
Janner, Greville O'Malley, Rt Hon Brian Tomlinson, John
Jeger, Mrs Lena Orbach, Maurice Urwin, T. W.
Jenkins, Hugh (Putney) Ovenden, John Varley, Rt Hon Eric G.
John, Brynmor Owen, Dr David Wainwright, Edwin (Dearne V)
Johnson, Walter (Derby S) Padley, Walter Walden, Brian (B'ham, L'dyw'd)
Jones, Alec (Rhondda) Palmer, Arthur Walker, Harold (Doncaster)
Jones, Barry (East Flint) Park, George Walter, Terry (Kingswood
Jones, Dan (Burnley) Parry, Robert Watkins, David
Kaufman. Gerald Pavitt, Laurie Watkinson, John
Kelley, Richard Peart, Rt Hon Fred Weetch, Ken
Kerr, Russell Phipps, Dr Colin Wellbelovrd, James
Kilroy-Silk, Robert Prescott, John White, Frank R. (Bury)
Kinnock, Neil Price C. (Lewisham W) White, James (Pollock)
Lambie, David Price, William (Rugby) Whitehead, Phillip
Lamborn, Harry Radice, Giles Whitlock, William
Leadbitter, Ted Richardson, Miss Jo Willey, Rt Hon Frederick
Lestor, Miss Joan (Eton & Slough) Roberts, Albert (Normanton) Williams, Alan (Swansea W)
Lewis, Ron Carlisle) Roberts, Gwilym (Cannock) Williams, Alan Lee (Hornch'ch)
Loyden, Eddie Roderick, Caerwyn Williams, Rt Hon Shirley (Hertford)
Luard, Evan Rodgers, George (Chorley) Wilson, Alexander (Hamilton)
Lyon, Alexander (York) Rodgers, William (Stockton) Wilson, William (Coventry SE)
Lyons, Edward (Bradford W) Rooker, J. W. Wise, Mrs. Audrey
McElhone, Frank Roper, John Woof, Robert
MacFarquhar, Roderick Rose, Paul B. Wrigglesworth, Ian
McGuire, Michael (Ince) Ross, Rt Hon W. (Kilmarnock) Young David (Bolton 5)
Mackenzie, Gregor Rowlands, Ted
Mackintosh, John P. Ryman, John TELLERS FOR THE NOES:
Maclennan, Robert Sandelson, Neville Mr. James Hamilton and
McMillan, Tom (Glasgow C) Sedgemore, Brian Mr. Tom Pendry.
Division No. 311] AYES [1.48 a.m.
Bitten, John Mather, Carol Shaw, Giles (Pudsey)
Clark, William (Croydon S) Miscampbell, Norman Stanbrook, Ivor
Dunlop, John Montgomery, Fergus Weatherill, Bernard
Fairbairn, Nicholas Oppenheim, Mrs Sally Wells, John
Fairgrieve, Russell Page, Rt Hon R. Graham (Crosby)
Goodhart, Philip Parkinson, Cecil TELLERS FOR THE AYES:
Havers, Sir Michael Powell, Rt Hon J. Enoch Mr. Ivan Lawrence and
Howe, Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Renton, Rt Hon Sir D. (Hunts) Mr. Nicholas Ridley.
Lamont, Norman Rhys Williams, Sir Brandon
Lawson, Nigel Roberts, Michael (Cardiff NW)
Allaun, Frank Bishop, E. S. Buchanan, Richard
Archer, Peter Blenkinsop, Arthur Callaghan, Jim (Middleton & P)
Armstrong, Ernest Boardman, H. Campbell, Ian
Atkins, Ronald (Preston N) Booth, Albert Canavan, Dennis
Atkinson, Norman Boothroyd, Miss Betty Cant, R.B.
Bagier, Gordon A. T. Boyden, James (Bish Auck) Carmichael, Neil
Barnett, Guy (Greenwich) Bradley, Tom Carter, Ray
Bean, R. E. Brown, Hugh D. (Provan) Cartwright, John
Benn, Rt Hon Anthony Wedgwood Brown, Robert C. (Newcastle W) Castle, Rt Hon Barbara
Bennett, Andrew (Stockport N) Brown, Ronald (Hackney S) Clemitson, Ivor
Bidwell, Sydney Buchan, Norman Cocks, Michael (Bristol, S)
Cohen, Stanley Hoyle, Doug (Nelson) Park, George
Coleman, Donald Huckfield, Les Parry, Robert
Conlan, Bernard Hughes, Rt Hon C. (Anglesey) Pavitt, Laurie
Cook, Robin F. (Edin C) Hughes, Mark (Durham) Pendry, Tom
Cox, Thomas (Tooting) Hughes, Robert (Aberdeen N) Penhaligon, David
Craigen, J. M. (Maryhill) Hunter, Adam Prescott, John
Crawshaw, Richard Irving, Rt Hon S. (Dartford) Radice, Giles
Crosland, Rt Hon Anthony Jackson, Miss Margaret (Lincoln) Richardson, Miss Jo
Cryer, Bob Janner, Greville Roberts, Albert (Normanton)
Cunningham, G. (Islington S) Jenkins, Hugh (Putney) Roberts, Gwilym (Cannock)
Cunningham, Dr J. (Whiteh) John, Brynmor Roderick, Caerwyn
Davidson, Arthur Johnson, Walter (Derby S) Rodgers, George (Chorley)
Davies, Bryan (Enfield N) Jones, Alec (Rhondda) Rooker, J. W.
Davies, Ifor (Gower) Jones, Barry (East Flint) Roper, John
Davis, Clinton (Hackney C) Jones, Dan (Burnley) Ross, Rt Hon W. (Kilmarnock)
Deakins, Eric Kaufman, Gerald Rowlands, Ted
Dean, Joseph (Leeds West) Kelley, Richard Ryman, John
de Freitas, Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Kerr, Russell Sandelson, Neville
Dell, Rt Hon Edmund Kinnock, Nell Sedgemore, Brian
Dempsey, James Lambie, David Shaw, Arnold (Ilford South)
Doig, Peter Lamborn, Harry Shore, Rt Hon Peter
Dormand, J. D. Leadbitter, Ted Short, Mrs Renée (Wolv NE)
Douglas-Mann, Bruce Lestor, Miss Joan (Eton &Slough) Silkin, Rt Hon John (Deptford)
Dunn, James A. Lewis, Ron (Carlisle) Silkin, Rt Hon S. C. (Dulwich)
Dunnett, Jack Loyden, Eddie Sillars, James
Dunwoody, Mrs Gwyneth Lyon, Alexander (York) Silverman, Julius
Eadie, Alex Lyons, Edward (Bradford W) Skinner, Dennis
Edge, Geoff McElhone, Frank Small, William
Ellis, John (Brigg & Scun) MaeFarquhar, Roderick Smith, John (N Lanarkshire)
Ellis, Tom (Wrexham) McGuire, Michael (Ince) Spearing, Nigel
English, Michael Mackenzie, Gregor Spriggs, Leslie
Evans, loan (Aberdare) Maclennan, Robert Stallard, A. W.
Evans, John (Newton) McMillan, Tom (Glasgow C) Stott, Roger
Ewing Harry (Stirling) McNamara, Kevin Strang, Gavin
Fornyhough, Rt Hon E. Madden, Max Swain, Thomas
Flannery, Martin Magee, Bryan Taylor, Mrs Ann (Bolton W)
Fletcher, Raymond (Ilkeston) Mahon, Simon Thomas, Ron (Bristol NW)
Fletcher, Ted (Darlington) Mallalleu, J. P. W. Tinn, James
Foot, Rt Hon Michael Marks, Kenneth Urwin, T. W.
Ford, Ben Marquand, David Wainwright, Edwin (Dearne Valley)
Forrester, John Marshall, Dr Edmund (Goole) Walden, Brian (B'ham, L'dyw'd)
Fowler, Gerald (The Wrekin) Meacher, Michael Walker, Harold (Doncaster)
Fraser, John (Lambeth, N'wd) Mellish, Rt Hon Robert Walker, Terry (Kingswood)
Freeson, Reginald Mikardo, Ian Watkinson, John
Garrett, John (Norwich S) Millan, Bruce Weetch, Ken
George, Bruce Miller, Dr M. S. (E Kilbride) White, Frank R. (Bury)
Golding, John Miller, Mrs Millie (llford N) White, James (Pollok)
Graham, Ted Mitchell, R. C. (Solon, lichen) Whitlock, William
Grant, George (Morpeth) Molloy, William Williams, Alan (Swansea W)
Grant, John (Islington C) Morris, Charles R. (Openshaw) Williams, Rt Hon Shirley (Hertford)
Grocott, Bruce Morris, Rt Hon J. (Aberavon) Wilson, Alexander (Hamilton)
Harper, Joseph Mulley, Rt Hon Frederick Wilson, William (Coventry SE)
Harrison, Walter (Wakefield) Murray, Rt Hon Ronald King Wise. Mrs Audrey
Hart, Rt Hon Judith Newens, Stanley Woof, Robert
Hatton, Frank Noble, Mike Wrigglesworth, Ian
Hayman, Mrs Helene O'Halloran, Michael Young, David (Bolton E)
Healey, Rt Hon Denis Heffer, Eric S. O'Malley, Rt Hon Brian Ovenden, John TELLERS FOR THE NOES:
Hooley, Frank Owen, Dr David Mr. David Stoddart and
Howell, Denis (B'ham, Sm H) Palmer, Arthur Mr. James Hamilton.