HC Deb 21 November 1974 vol 881 cc1545-6
Mr. George Cunningham

On a point of order. I know how short of time we are today, Mr. Speaker, and I will not take longer than I must. However, you will have noticed that the Leader of the House, in answer to a question from my hon. Friend the Member for Paddington (Mr. Latham) about the follow-up to the Compton Report, mentioned that the appointment of the committee on this matter was a matter more for you than for him. He mentioned that it was in your mind to have a small informal committee to consider what follow-up should take place. I recall that it was always your announcement that there should be a small committee, but the informality is new to me. I presume it to mean a committee not set up, like any normal Select Committee, by a motion of the House.

There is not time today to go into the substance of this matter, but I wonder whether you would allow me next week to ask you a Private Notice Question for answer in the House on this matter. Meanwhile, could we be assured that no steps will be taken to set up such a committee until hon. Members have had a chance to express themselves about it?

Mr. Speaker

I will certainly bear in mind what the hon. Gentleman has said and perhaps communicate with him privately. I would certainly not set up a committee and allow it to come into operation until I had informed the House; that I promise. At the moment, I am in the course of discussions about the best way to proceed and I will have regard to the precedents. But I had better not say any more today. If the hon. Gentleman wishes to discuss this matter with me, I shall be glad to see him.