HC Deb 19 November 1974 vol 881 cc1242-4

Resolved, 1. That, in pursuance of any provision included in an Act of this Session to provide for the acquisition by the Secretary of State of land in Scotland for purposes relating to exploration for and exploitation of offshore petroleum, to enable the Secretary of State to carry out works and facilitate operations for those purposes, to regulate operations for those purposes in designated sea areas and to provide for the reinstatement of land used for those purposes, the Secretary of State shall be authorised—

  1. (a) to charge, for the issue of licences for the execution of works in such designated 1244 sea areas, such fees as the Secretary of State may with the approval of the Treasury determine;
  2. (b) to levy charges on vessels, platforms and other installations located in or entering or leaving any such area.
2. That the sums received by the Secretary of State in respect of the said fees and charges and any other sums received by him in consequence of the said Act shall be paid into the Consolidated Fund.—[Mr. Millan.]

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