HC Deb 26 July 1974 vol 877 cc2128-9
Mr. Mulley

I beg to move Amendment No. 39, in page 72, line 4, at end insert:

' The Airports Authority Act 1965

2A. In section 12 of the Airports Authority Act 1965 (control of road traffic within British Airports Authority aerodromes) in subsection (3) (order may exempt particular roads from application of road traffic enactments) for the words from "particular roads" to the end of the subsection there shall be substituted the words "such roads or lengths of roads to which the public does not have access as the Authority may for the time being identify as being so exempted by means of a sign of a type or character specified in the order".'.

This is a drafting amendment to bring the wording of the Bill within the Airports Authority Act 1965. It is not a matter of substance.

Amendment agreed to.

Amendments made: No. 35, in page 73, line 25, at end insert: 11A. In section 36A of that Act the following subsections shall be inserted after subsection (3):— (3A) The Secretary of State may by regulations provide that, in relation to vehicles of such classes as may be specified in the regulations, subsection (1) above shall not apply or shall apply subject to such conditions as may be so specified. (3B) In England and Wales a local authority may institute proceedings for an offence under this section committed with respect to the verge of a road, land or a footway in their area; and in this section "local authority" means the council of a county, district or London borough, the Greater London Council or the Common Council of the City of London."'.

No. 36, in page 73, line 26, leave out from beginning to first ' the' in line 27 and insert: (1) In section 53 of that Act (testing of condition of vehicles on roads) in subsection (1) (authorised examiners may test motor vehicles to ascertain whether certain requirements are complied with) in paragraph (b) after the word "of" there shall be inserted the word "noise". (2) In subsection (2) of that section (persons who may act as authorised examiners)'.

No. 37, in page 74, line 24, at end insert:

'18A. In section 168(2) of that Act (information to be given as to identity of driver etc.) in paragraph (a) after the word "police" there shall be inserted the words "or, in the case of an offence under section 36A or section 36B of this Act, by or on behalf of a local authority within the meaning of the said section 36A".'.—[Mr. Mulley.]

Schedule 6, as amended, agreed to.

Schedule 7 agreed to.

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