HC Deb 29 November 1973 vol 865 cc560-1
Mr. Raphael Tuck

With your permission, Mr. Speaker, and that of the House, I wish to present a petition on behalf of the members of the Campaign Against Sex Discrimination which is sponsored by the Women's Liberation Movement. This petition is signed by 25,000 persons from all over the country including men. These signatories are concerned at the discrimination on the the grounds of sex which is practised in all walks of life and they maintain that the Government's proposals do not go far enough.

The petition sheweth That there is great concern at the widespread and continuing discrimination practised against people solely on grounds of their sex, much of which discrimination is still enshrined in statutory provisions and in administrative institutions and practices. Wherefore your petitioners pray that this House enact legislation making illegal all such discrimination against people because of their sex and providing legal machinery in the form of an Anti-Discrimination Board to prevent its continuance. And your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.

To lie upon the Table.

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