HC Deb 07 May 1973 vol 856 cc1-2
Dame Joan Vickers

I beg to ask leave to present a petition on behalf of Age Concern, backed by 13,000 signatures. It is also backed by organisations such as the Status of Women Committee, which co-ordinates 30 women's organisations. It is supported by Help the Aged, pensioners, trade unionists, social workers, teachers and local government officers, all concerned with the hardship which may arise to the welfare of future women pensioners under the Social Security Bill as at present drawn up. Wherefore your petitioners pray that your honourable House amend the Bill to provide that:

  1. 1. The State reserve scheme and occupational pension schemes give men and women equal pensions for equal contributions;
  2. 2
  3. 2. In order to achieve equal contributions, men and women receive their pensions at the same age;
  4. 3. A "home responsibilities credit" be instituted for people at home looking after children or dependent relatives, in order to credit pension contributions for them to the State reserve scheme;
  5. 4 The provision, whereby widows would lose a reserve scheme widow's pension on remarriage or cohabitation, be deleted;
And your petitioners, as in duty bound, will every pray etc.

To lie upon the Table.

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