HC Deb 29 November 1972 vol 847 cc409-10
21. Mr. Elystan Morgan

asked the Minister of Posts and Telecommunica- tions how many persons within the last 12 months in Wales have given notice to the authorities of their intention not to pay television licence fees on the grounds of non-reception or limited or impaired television reception in their areas.

Sir J. Eden

One such letter has been received in my Department.

Mr. Morgan

Despite that, will the right hon. Gentleman appreciates that there are many people in Wales, of all shades of political opinion and not normally disposed to law-breaking, who believe that a serious injustice has been suffered in many communities embracing thousands of people who are unable to have any television reception at all? These people, who have been at the end of the queue for vhf transmissions over the years, will now find themselves with the lowest priority of all for uhf when it eventually comes. Will the right hon. Gentleman take swift and decisive action?

Sir J. Eden

I am aware of people's feelings on this subject, as expressed by the hon. Gentleman. But the licence fee is not directly connected with the quality of reception; it is a payment for permission to use television.

Mr. Gwynoro Jones

Will the Minister take steps to inform those in charge in BBC Wales that it would be advisable that people who advocate non-payment of the television licence fee should not appear as directors, producers or interviewers on BBC Wales programmes?

Sir J Eden

That is a matter for those concerned to handle.