HC Deb 16 November 1972 vol 846 cc623-765


Further considered in Committee [Progress, 15th November.]

[Sir ROBERT GRANT-FERRIS in the Chair]

Dr. J. Dickson Mabon (Greenock)

On a point of order. You may recall, Sir Robert, that during the two previous debates yesterday concerning the grouping of amendments some of us objected to the procedure of the Minister in seeking to reply after the first speech. My point of order concerns the amendments which were not touched on at all in any of the speeches. As it is obvious that at our present pace we shall not reach the Question, That Clause 2 stand part of the Bill, under the guillotine, I ask you to use your good offices to see that the amendments included in yesterday's debate, especially Amendment No. 73, receive some definite comment from the Minister before we reach seven o'clock and the end of our discussion on Clause 2. I refer specifically to the question whether under Clause 2 seasonal bonuses will be allowed to be paid.

The Chairman

I think that what the hon. Member for Greenock (Dr. Dickson Mabon) is seeking as he or any other hon. Member is entitled to do, is to raise those matters in the debate on the Clause. In the event of any hon. Member raising such matters, the Minister will reply if he deems fit. Having raised this matter now, the hon. Member has given notice to the Government of his wish, and I can only say that I hope that it has not fallen on deaf ears.

'(1) The following provisions of this section shall have effect for as long as section [...] of this Act is in force.
(2) No local housing authority shall offer for sale any residential accommodation at a price higher than that last fixed by the district valuer for the sale of like accommodation within the same area before 6th November 1972'.

Sub-amendment (a), in new Clause 1, line 3, leave out from 'accommodation' to end of line 5.

Mr. Pardoe

Inevitably the debate will range more widely than subjects concerning Amendment No. 83 only. Amend-

  1. Clause 2
    1. cc624-89
    2. PRICES, PAY, DIVIDENDS AND RENTS 24,975 words, 1 division
  2. Clause 4
    1. cc689-731
    2. POWER TO OBTAIN INFORMATION 16,360 words, 1 division
  3. Clause 5
    1. cc731-65
    2. OFFENCES 12,469 words, 1 division
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